The weekend brought good weather at last – an opportunity to put the roof down for this week’s cultural c-c-coastal roadshow. Main highlight was Tom Bosman at Ivy Hill…



We love his geometric abstraction big time. For this exhibition he’s had a bet each way (to appease/appeal to the ultra conservative local market, we’re presuming), so some of the work is a hybrid of conventional landscape with an abstracted fringe. We get the whyfores. But for ours, the more the abstraction the better we like it. There’s certainly plenty to lust after – well worth the drive, dust off your wallets.

Lots of our fave lovelies turned out for the gig…




[Work in the background here, btw, is Anneke Van Tholen’s…just in case you thought Tom had had a style swing! n(Ed)]



…plus it was a chance to catch up with Edward Willson and his new work…




The Gang’s big Sunday treat was Brunchalicious at the Eden Whale Festival. Glorious day, all the requisite elements: coffee, food, good company, sea, boats, old cars(!)…



We made like tourists – and it was good.

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