Chick’s post…

chick detail

Charles Butcher, After the Object 1 (detail)

Yessir, it’s either a famine or a feast. After a slow month of seemingly very little blog action, suddenly there was a rush of news and Chick and Mathew’s exhibition at Sabbia ended up buried under a pile of back-to-back posts. For those who missed it, and have been enquiring, you’ll find it here.

Surprise visit from Maureen…


(above) Klaus and Maureen at the Bega Valley Regional Gallery today.

Maureen paid a flying visit to the BVRG today to check out Tevita’s work in situ. It was a lovely surprise to see her – and of course we all immediately went off for a lunchtime meeting at Red Café (as you do…) For those not in the know, it’s Maureen (Glass Art Gallery, Glebe) who takes Tevita to Collect and SOFA.