Jolly good show, chaps…

26 07 2015

…we’re loving this little number from David Bowler…


No let-up, eh. Bloody marvellous.

You know what we’re talking about. But just on the off-chance you really have lost your bearings, go here.

Then I saw her face…

26 07 2015

…and I’m a believer.


Get it on – we could almost turn religious.

Black and white…

17 07 2015

Winner of the Archibald 2015, portrait of barrister Charles Waterstreet…


Nigel Milsom, Judo house pt 6 (the white bird), oil on linen

Latvians at play…

12 07 2015

Oo-er, Minnie just sent through a link to a Latvian glass outfit, Glass Muse…

Latvian Glass bike - Glass Muse

…who produce all sorts of play paraphernalia, dildos and all…but we figured you could explore that on your own. Website here.

[Thanks Min. n(Ed)]

Freeway art…

11 07 2015

Latest work to feature on Melbourne’s Peninsular Link freeway…


Gregor Kregar,  Reflective Lullaby

Spot on for those Frangers satellite burbs we reckon.

It’s Archie time again…

9 07 2015

…and, gawd, what a weird job lot it is this year.  We’re not even going to attempt to call it (even the Packing Room Prize looks a tad bodgy) – so we’ll just drop in a few that we fancy…

Richard Bell, Me

Richard Bell, Me.

Leon Hall, Self-portrait

Leon Hall, Self-portrait

Adam (aka Blak Douglas) Hill, Smoke and mirrors (Uncle Max Eulo)

Adam (aka Blak Douglas) Hill, Smoke and mirrors (Uncle Max Eulo)

Kin Leutwyler, Start the riot

Kim Leutwyler, Start the riot.

(This last mainly because it gave us an opportunity to segue into yessiree, our sentiments exactly – let the riot begin.)

It’ll be interesting to observe the ‘who’s been pissing in who’s pocket’ game this year, eh. Check out the field, here.

Heaven on wheels…

2 07 2015

We want one bad…



The new Bowlus Road Chief  – beyond divine. Check it out on ‘If it’s hip it’s here‘.