It’s Archie time again…

…and, gawd, what a weird job lot it is this year.  We’re not even going to attempt to call it (even the Packing Room Prize looks a tad bodgy) – so we’ll just drop in a few that we fancy…

Richard Bell, Me

Richard Bell, Me.

Leon Hall, Self-portrait

Leon Hall, Self-portrait

Adam (aka Blak Douglas) Hill, Smoke and mirrors (Uncle Max Eulo)

Adam (aka Blak Douglas) Hill, Smoke and mirrors (Uncle Max Eulo)

Kin Leutwyler, Start the riot

Kim Leutwyler, Start the riot.

(This last mainly because it gave us an opportunity to segue into yessiree, our sentiments exactly – let the riot begin.)

It’ll be interesting to observe the ‘who’s been pissing in who’s pocket’ game this year, eh. Check out the field, here.

A prophet at the very least…

There’s a lather of news around the arts traps as David Walsh sells Chris Ofili’s Holy Virgin for record readies (he’s building a new wing at MONA)…



But what hit the nail on the head for us was his statement regarding the de-accessioning…

“I’ve made my money gambling. And here, at this auction, I’m gambling again. My gamble isn’t that you will pay enough for these works to justify my selling. My wager is that the future, for me and my museum, is more rewarding than the past.”

Is this man the Arts messiah? We really think so!!