Bird biz…

…at Mister Jones tomorrow…


BIrd Show-1


Dear Friends of Mister Jones Espresso,

We’d love to see you at Mister Jones this Saturday, November 14, for the opening of Bird Show; a group exhibition of avian art objects and drawings, curated by Matt.

Flock to Bunga Street for drinks with the artists from 5pm.

We hope you can make it!

The Mister Jones Team.


More here.

On this day…

…in 1880, our Neddie was hanged at the Old Melbourne Gaol.

A member of the Gang (stuck in Melbs waiting, waiting, waiting for a plane to Bali) took the opportunity to visit the scene of the crime this morning – arriving shortly after a group of Ned’s descendants, who’d gathered to leave floral tributes…


Vale Neddie; always in our thoughts. More snaps at Prisoners of the Crown, here.