The ultimate in outsider art…

11 06 2015

There’s notice of an upcoming auction from artdaily



Adolf Hitler, Church in Vienna, watercolour

You just couldn’t go there, surely.


Don’t even think about it…

31 07 2014



Decided it would be best if we just said “no comment”.

Make art, not sport…

29 06 2014

Only a rugby league player would even think of it…




But having said that, it’s probably the funniest thing we’ve seen for a long time – and an astonishingly apposite image for the current zeitgeist we reckon. Yes, it has indeed come to this.

It’s time, surely, to shift the national focus once and for all away from the jocks.

[We won’t bother to identify him, you all know who he is. n(Ed)]

What a nob.

Jaysus H Christ….

16 02 2010

Exactly our point. The following came around in the form of an email from the AGDA

Yoiks!! Can’t we move on?

Wazza gets the tower – but no surprises there…

14 05 2009

The tender for the ‘smokestack’ at the Canberra Glassworks has finally been announced, and the winner is…(drumroll)…Warren Langley!! Jon Stanhope could have saved all the money, time and hoo-hah by just giving it to Wazza in the first place, we reckon. He was always the shoe-in, let’s face it. And deservedly so. After all, from the Aussie contemporary/studio glass historic perspective alone, he is the most eminently appropriate/experienced in the genre.

Thanks Nige, for pointing us to the ACT Gubba-ment’s NewsWire…




As for the other short-listings, gawd save us from the artchitects, darlings!

And speaking of public art in the ACT, check out the Gateway debacle on ArtWranglers. Perhaps it’s time to start sharpening your quills, my friends…

The missing commendable…

25 01 2009


The Gang dashed into Bega quickly Saturday morning (yesterday) to get a snap of Peter Storey’s Void Matters #5. But try as we might, we couldn’t eliminate the reflected light from the entrance – sorry about that. Best you toddle in and see it in the flesh…

Bottle art #5…

3 09 2008


Now this one’s really  tragic.

[Although, with all the talk of an upcoming recession, this stuff could very well be coming to a xmas tree near you this year. n(Ed)]

So far so amazingly ugly…(the work that is, not B.J)

17 07 2008

(Canberra Times, last Saturday.)

Well, what can we tell ya – let’s hope the sum of the whole will be of greater beauty than its parts. Chihuly it ain’t.

And gawd forbid Mr Stanhope should get excited about it – or it could be coming to a public art space near you. (We can feel a freeway verge coming on…)

[For all those nervous nellies out there who are already getting their knickers in a knot, glasscentralcanberra wishes to advise that all aesthetic opinions/ponderings expressed in this blog are solely those of glasscentralcanberra. Anybody wishing to air a contradictory view is sincerely encouraged to do so. n(Ed)]

Don’t ask…

6 07 2008

Old fifty-fiver…

15 04 2008

(above) the McDonald’s museum/facsimile of the original burgery, opened in 1955.

We’ve always had a soft spot for ’55-ers (apart from Megsie, we haven’t met a ratty one yet…) but hadn’t connected the dreaded Maccas with that ‘golden’ year. A bit of a blight really – though we have to admit that if they’d retained the look of the original, we’d probably be sorely tempted to rock in…

We stumbled across these pics on the web, as you do.  They’re part of a recommended food-museum-drive-tour of America (as in, where to drag the luckless kids for their next family holiday…)


That wiener would probably look pretty good as the new ‘gateway’ sculpture for Canberra, don’t you think Nige?

And, of course, top of the Gang’s list of ‘things we must do before we cark it’ just has to be the Spam Museum and factory…

Oh yeah.

Any takers?