31 01 2015


Arise, Sir Poo, Lord Warden of the Sink Portables, OM (Knight of the Ordure of the Mire)…

29 01 2015

Major excitement at the Hideout as the Poo is honoured in the 2015 Australia Day awards…



Sir Poo – a long time and respected member of the Gang – was awarded the honour in recognition of his tireless distinguished and conspicuous service to the Abject. We are beyond proud.

For more, go here.

Poo spotto…

8 01 2015

(…no, not the Poo – different species!)

Currently showing at CCAS, Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran’s One Hung Bitch: Volume II

2014_11_18_1416284686_Shithead crop

Looking good. Go here.