CoCo Kelly…


From across the ditch: a treasure from Chick, who knows only too well what total Kellyphiles we are…

He and Cobi are having a fine time in NooZelland by all accounts, doing a 12 month residency (Tylee Cottage) at Sarjeant Gallery and putting together their first ever doubleheader.

They’re going mixed media; Cobi with big glass panels and carved sheets of lead while Chick’s painting and making wall works out of acrylic and steel. Sounds fab, can’t wait to scope it.

The exhibition will run for 3 months from the 11th Feb 2012 (for those in the vicinity.)


Grad biz at SCA…

Spike Deane’s sent through some great snaps from this year’s Grad crop (3rd year and Honours) at SCA…











This last (Spike’s own) is animated – go here.

Some way fine work, thanks for the eyeball Spike.

Megsie’s going up to the ‘Berra next week for the ANU EASS Patron’s Day, so it’ll be interesting to see whazzup at the old fank…

The Grad Show…


It’s that time of year – and right on the heels of school assessment comes The Grad Show, featuring selected work from HSC visual arts students across the Bega Valley Shire (Bega High, Eden Marine High, Lumen Christ, Sapphire Coast Anglican College) plus the graduating class from the Illawarra TAFE (Bega Campus.)

And what a glam opening it was – helped by the fact that it coincided with one of the school formals!



The selected exhibition is now a fixture on the BVRG’s annual program and represents a significant milestone in the artistic development of the oncoming generation of regional practitioners.

We can safely say that creativity is alive and well in the Bega Valley, and some of the work is nothing short of astonishing.



Get into the Gallery quick; it’s only a short season (closes on the 3rd December)

Highlights of the opening here.

Beyond the budgie…

Emily Valentine

Flying Forward 

now showing

jas hugonnet gallery

media release and invitation

Through a process akin to alchemy, Emily Valentine creates a new language and new life forms using feathers and mixed media.

Cockadors, Mynoxers, Rozelladors and genically modified planes and rockets are brought to life through the use of base forms and locally sourced feathers.

Valentine’s work goes a step beyond due to the nature of feathers. Our familiarity with the original is askewed and intrigue regarding the process is raised.

Exquisitely crafted, these sculptural hybrids capture past life and propose a surreal future.

To arrange an appointment to view or for media images, please call 0417 235  916 or contact the gallery via the website.

Image: Emily Valentine Cockador 2011, Cockatoo feathers and mixed media, 40 x 34 x 24cm

Tour de Force: Noosa…

Last week the Gang airport hopped to Noosa for the latest installment of Tour de Force, and we’re pleased to report that the Noosa Regional Gallery did the artists proud. Great job all round and Trish’s sensitive work was even afforded a small gallery of its own– oh, how marvellous it is when curators ‘get it’.


The show was well received by the punters and it was particularly cool to see Neil’s work hanging back in the very gallery that had given it gestation (during an artist-in-residency in 1998)

Megsie was guest speaker for the opening night and gave an additional powerpoint/floor talk the following day. And while the trip was essentially work-and-no-play, she did manage a glass of sauvignon blanc at the marina adjacent to the Gallery during the hour interlude between plane hopping home. Noice.

More snaps here.