Takin’ it to the streets…

28 04 2015

Following the lead of artist and film maker Julien de Casabianca, even major museums are finally getting with the program and muscling in on the street scene – absolutely bloody marvellous…


More snaps on colossal (and plenty of happy hunting on the net.) Better yet, jump on the official Outings Project facebook page here.

Glass spotto…

24 04 2015

Super cute mosaics…


Drusciana Bravura, Yellow Beak

(Venetian glassie) Drusciana’s website here.

Glass…vomit inducing!?…

20 04 2015

Goodness gracious!

Nige has just sent through an extraordinary bit of blurt from Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola on the subject of her latest range, launched in Milan this week…


Check out the article here.

Technicolour yawns all round, we reckon.

[Thanks Nige – what a cackle! n(Ed)]

Imagining Ned…

18 04 2015

The Gang and Poo take a soul nourishing road trip to the Bendigo Regional Gallery…


For all the highlights, go here.

Glass spotto…

15 04 2015

…well, metal really – with glass components.

The Gang’s little bro snapped these off for us as he fanged through Logan Airport (Boston.) He didn’t have time to catch the artist, but after a bit of internet stalking we’ve managed to track the relevant info down; sculptor Chris Williams (website here) – the piece is entitled Seascape…




Anyways, we searched the site and couldn’t find any mention of the gaffer. (But it was ever thus, eh.)

[Thanks Phil. n(Ed)]

Opening treat, closer to home…

8 04 2015




6pm Wednesday 15th April 2015

6/4 Kennedy St, Kingston ACT

On until 24th April

Try not to miss it – it’ll be gorgeous.

The Divine Supernatural…

6 04 2015

Timothy Horn’s upcoming exhibition, Supernatural (…In New York.)

Gor4newcopyjpeg (667x1000)

Timothy Horn, Gorgonia 4 (Fukushima Fan Dance) 2015, nickel plated bronze, mirrored blown glass, 82 x 52 x 6 inches

Opening on the 23rd April at PPOW Gallery – press release here. Timmy’s website here.

Heaven on a stick. Wish we woz there.