Megan Bottari, Post-Modern Tokenism II (2007), lost wax cast crystal

Megan Bottari, Post-Modern Tokenism II (2007), lost wax cast crystal


UNMASKED…for those who care to know who’s principally responsible for this blog, my name is Megan Bottari and I am an Australian glass artist-writer-curator. (Home proper is on the Far South Coast of NSW).

I spend most of my time talking and writing about other people’s practices, and rarely about my own. So…in response to the requests I’ve been getting to show some of my gear, I’ve put together a little peep show….

The Blog’s header is in fact a detail of one of my works from the Ned Kelly series: Great Savage Land, 2004, gun-shot plate glass, re-fused. (photo, John Boucher)



Megan Bottari, Post-Modern Tokenism III, lost wax cast crystal

Megan Bottari, Post-Modern Tokenism III, lost wax cast crystal


STOP PRESS: We have morphed into Prisoners of the Crown. Go here for the website. 





4 responses

7 03 2008
Helen Kelly

Hello Megan! i wait with baited breath for the next instalment on the Kelly files. I have gained a full recovery from my ten days of bliss in Canberra for the Ausglass Conference, Sivia Levenson workshop, and associated fun filled activities (- the highlight of course was the Hunks of Glass party at which I had a SPLENDID time singing with Nigel, the beautiful big rapper with the amzing voice, the amazing ‘Mariannas’, and the others who hadn’t written themselves off at the opening of the Ausglass Conference the night before). I had an absolute ball in Canberra, and luckily I have to come back up soon besause I have to pick up my steel spheres which are being kindly stored in Queanbeyan. (thanks Harriet) It was so good to meet all the fantastic people I did in February in Canberra. I felt very well looked after by so many lovely people. Thanks to everyone for your hospitality (and special thanks to Meg’s hubby for ferrying me home ‘that’ night!). hooroo – Helen

9 03 2008

Hey coz(!!),
lovely to hear from you. Glad you had a good time – make sure you get in touch when you come back up for the spheres. And don’t forget to send us images of your ongoing work – we’ll whack ’em on the bloggo…just address them to

6 06 2011
Propaganda Window

Nice work documenting Lorna’s show. Just stumbled upon your blog and think its great.
Looking forward to seeing more,

19 06 2011

Hey Michael
thank you for the Propaganda Window – always look forward to checking it out whenever we’re in Melbs. As a matter of a fact we were down there on a lightning visit last weekend and ventured out a couple of times one night to check out the John Kelly show – to no avail, boo hoo. Must’ve been a projection glitch. Ah, doesn’t matter, there’s always next time.

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