Pop glass spotto…

27 10 2014


We’ve often thought about making glass googie eggs, if only as a sweet bread’n’butter Easter production line – so it was nice to stumble across these engagingly ‘pop’ Dennis Chamberlain cuties…









We also rather like his Spires…




…and the overall general aesthetic, actually…




…(from The Rorschach series, above.)

There’s something rather satisfying re the absence of pomposity.

More goodies here.

Glass spotto…

24 10 2014


Alan Horsely, right up our alley…




Leviathon 1, cast clear Bullseye glass with metallic oxide inclusions. Coil-formed hollow and fractured casting. Height: 27cm

Feeds the itch for some workshop action. Website here.

The Doug Moran…

22 10 2014

Thanks Jac for reminding us – next week brings the announcement of the Doug Moran.

We fancy Anthony Bennett’s study for a portrait of reg (but we’re complete Regophiles, so we’re totally biased)…


study for a port of reg-1


As ever, it could be anybody’s win. Check the field out here.


For Minnie…

22 10 2014





Sopheap Pich’s Morning Glory – shown in the recent No Country: Contemporary Art for South and Southeast Asia (part of the Guggenheim UBS MAP Global Art Initiative) at the Centre for Contemporary Art at Gillman Barracks, Singapore

Bird biz…

22 10 2014





Here at the Hideout we don’t do selfies (as a matter of principle.) But Shwe was hard to resist…

Vale Gough…

21 10 2014


What a tremendous innings, what a truly great bloke.





Merv Bishop’s fabulous photograph (above) of that seminal moment – Prime Minister Gough Whitlam pouring soil into the hands of traditional land owner Vincent Lingiari, Northern Territory in 1975. (Shame that the flame has been all but extinguished by subsequent governments…)

You’ll always loom large, comrade.

Studio update…

19 10 2014


Ginger’s studio; the official ‘before’ shot…








Blank canvas.

Glass spotto…

17 10 2014



Christina Bothwell…




More goodies here

Glass spotto…

15 10 2014


Guan Donghai, Regime






More here.

Shades of mystic Mecca…

13 10 2014








Anila Quayyum Agha’s winning entry Intersections, from the Grand Rapids ArtPrize.

Now there’s an art event – go here.