Opening next week…

29 08 2015

Such a treat – Nicola Dickson’s latest work will be launched at Beaver (3rd Sept)


And Nicky’s just sent through this additional image…


Bushy Yate I, 2015, 55 x 45 cm, acrylic and oil on linen

Just divine. What a lovely way to celebrate Spring. Runs until 22nd Sept.

[Thanks for the headzup Jacq. n(Ed)]

Glass spotto…

29 08 2015

New Gen lady lamps…



Dame by Carlesso

Launched at Milan Design Week – check ’em out here.

Funny buggers…

29 08 2015

Award winning bong for the design cognoscenti




Ah, it takes us back – when we first started glass at ANU SoA, dear Stephen Procter (our guiding light, forever missed) had one standing edict for the hotshop; making bongs was a certified no-no. That not withstanding, we found this article in if it’s hip it’s here most amusing. Give yourself a giggle.

Glass spotto…

27 08 2015


James Maskrey, GBP

Very cute. Featured in Essence 2015, here.


25 08 2015



…a Shapeways 3D printed glass vase.  We’re going to stop looking now.

And so it flourishes…

25 08 2015




3D-o-rama from Prodways…here.

Uh oh…

25 08 2015


…there goes the day job!! 3D printed glass on vocativ, here.

Not that it’s totally new-new (check out Shapeways 2010 post here), but it’s certainly pause for serious thought.

[Awesome, eh, Nige…! n(Ed)]

A midsummer’s (ganja fuelled) day dream…

11 08 2015

Bottom and Titania

Suddenly it all makes sense…Puck, Titania, Bottom! Yep, we’re talking about the latest frenzy of media revelations that The Bard was on the weed. (National Geographic first ran a story on this in 2001 apparently, but hey.)

How fabulous – grounds for the decriminalisation of cannabis possession could now be extended to the Creative Industries! Way to go dudes…though a responsible campaign would need to carry the requisite warning: smoking pot could lead to hair loss…


We stand with you…

1 08 2015

Wow – can’t imagine that anything could be more visually effective than the show of support for Adam Goodes at Garma 2015…



Yolngu boys at Garma Festival in north-east Arnhem Land, NT, are painted in a Sydney Swans jersey to support embattled AFL star Adam Goodes. Local men and boys danced to support Goodes and to reject racism after he endured months of abuse on the field. (NITV News.)


Could the Adam Goodes imbroglio herald (at long last) a genuine turning point in the Reconciliation process? We really hope so.

Commentators are viewing the brouhaha as a ‘watershed moment’ – and indeed it is. There’s an inherently racist substrata running through our culture and anyone who thinks otherwise is totally kidding themselves.

It’s a shame job, enough is enough.