The race that stops the Nation…

We’re ashamed to have to report that we actually worked this year (it was Moruya’s turn to host the local trackside meet) but all was not completely lost – there’s always the office sweepstakes, in every workplace across this equine loving nation…



Megsie had five horses in as many sweeps; including Ethiopia, Dunaden (twice), Zabeelionaire and Lights of Heaven…



…none of which made any great show in the end. Ah, doesn’t matter.

Highlight of the day surely had to be the uber-excited pronouncement by the commentator – ‘Camilla is in the mounting yard!!‘ [We’re still wetting ourselves over that one. n(Ed)]



And then they were off…



Hats rooled,of course…




And so another Cup Day bites the dust. God love ’em, eh.

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