Don’t even think about it…

31 07 2014



Decided it would be best if we just said “no comment”.

One more month at QAG…

31 07 2014





Glass from the Collection, on until 24th August. Go here.

C’mon, doesn’t everybody’s studio look like this?

30 07 2014

For the trendy young things…


LA glassie Seth Park’s cute workshop/pad, go here.

Glass spotto…

30 07 2014



Chinese artist He An’s light sculpture, The wind light as a thief

All over bar the biffo…

29 07 2014

Love Tony Albert’s Once upon a time 2013-14…





…which netted him the Basil Sellers Art Prize 2014. Media here. Selected players here.

Our other picks: Gerry and Ivan.

Why woodn’t you…

29 07 2014





Joel Berman’s Plank, so much cooler than a glass brick. Go here if you’re thinking of a funky build.

Getting the itch…

27 07 2014

Coming across exhibitions like this sure quickens the senses…




Not to downgrade Betye Saar’s fabulous work (far from it, obviously) but it’s certainly a timely reminder to hit the shed and rock’n’roll. Gotta scratch that assemblage itch…

But wait, there’s bountiful more…

25 07 2014



More of the marvellous Nic. Preview here.

Opening event at the AGSA next Thursday (21st July) evening, 5.30pm.

And he’s got yet another opening – touch and go 2014 – at the Greenaway Art Gallery at 6pm next Wednesday (30th July): go here.

Busy boy.

Coming up…

25 07 2014

Opening tonight…




A bit of serious Nic and Debster action.

Chandelier Files…

25 07 2014

Daniel’s Secret Garden at Byron…



Noice. Feel like an artful getaway? Go here.