And so this is Christmas…

Ho ho ho, and all that humdrum to all our pals.

The Gang is off to Bali in the morning to ‘meet the Fokkers’. Yessirree, we’re all flying in for a serious Scottish kneezup with the family of our favourite son-in-law.

Buckets of single malt and plenty of fall-about involved. We’re expecting it to be entertainingly dangerous.



Meanwhile Megsie’s been beavering away on the latest in her ‘C’ series…




…if you’re really, really, really lucky you might get one….

Bringing up the rear…

Well it’s been a fast and furious finale to the year as per usual – so we’ll give it to you good’n snappy.

A few weeks ago the Gang fanged across the Monaro for the annual Grad-o-rama at the ANU School of Art; firstly for Patron’s Day on the Wednesday (Megsie was choosing the BVRG EASS recipient) and then back again on the Friday for the opening and Awards ceremony.

And what a ripper show it was this year. Plenty of buzz in the old fank yet – lots of goodies we coveted big time – which is always a good sign, eh. Congratulations to Adele Rae Cameron (Textiles) who landed the BVRG Award this year – she’s gains a place in the BVRG’s 2015 exhibition program. Super work (we’d been very keen on her stuff last year too – marvellous bush-dyed tartans and all sorts of whacky scottish/aussie fusion.)

And of course we caught up with lots of our fave peeps, including…OMIGOD!! Sammy Jo who flew in as a surprise treat for Ging…


Megsie, Sammy Jo and Ginger

Megsie, Sammy Jo and Ginger

Major excitement (and thanks to David Broker for the snap – we nicked it from the CCAS social pages – completely forgot to take photographs of most of the salient stuff on the night!!)

Lots to love in the show, but of course we’ll be outrageously brazen and show off Ginger’s work first…


Ginger Bottari, from 'The Prisoners of the Crown' series

Ginger Bottari, from ‘The Prisoners of the Crown’ series


And then of course there was Adele Rae Cameron’s fabulous work..


Adele Rae Cameron's work

Adele Rae Cameron’s work

Adele receiving her EASS Award from Megsie

Adele receiving her EASS Award from Megsie


As usual Megsie had a lovely time blending right in…




Mugshots and highlights (no significance to be read into the order of appearance) here

And then there was the Bega Art Prize 2013. Not without the mandatory merde accompaniment we’re happy to report (after all, what art prize worth it’s salt doesn’t spark at least a modicum of controversy.)

This year’s categories were photomedia and small sculpture and the 44 entries received were judiciously whittled down to 19 finalists by two eminent pros, eX de Medici and Klause Moje…




Plenty of baying for blood as you might imagine but the final field is, consequently, tight and interesting.

This year’s judge Dr Denise Ferris (Head of the ANU School of Art) awarded the prize on opening night to Rocky Hall artist Tony Sweeting for his video Transition 1…


Winners are grinners, Tony with Denise

Winners are grinners, Tony with Denise

Tony Sweeting, still from Transition 1

Tony Sweeting, still from Transition 1




opening 2

opening 3


The Mailroom Prize ($500) went to Suzie Bleach and Andy Townsend’s Horologist’s Horse and Briar Watt-Meek picked up the $1000 eX Factor Award, donated by eX to support a young artist of recognised merit. The exhibition runs until 1st Feb, so there’s plenty of time for gallery visitors to cast their vote for the SEA People’s Choice Award ($500)


Matty flips the bird