One of the most exciting aspects of being a glassie is the diasporic nature of the community – the collegiate is far flung across the globe, engaging in all manner of interesting business. ‘Foreign Correspondence’ provides a post-card glimpse of glass travels and practice abroad, sent in by intrepid friends out a-roving along those wild glass trails…


  1. now this is the site I have been looking for…. as a foreign correspondent myself I would like to say hi to all back in sunny canberra from Owen in damp London. It’s fantasitc to see this site and find out about what’s going on to everyone
    Meggs give me a buzz.
    Trish and anyone else too

  2. Hey Owen!! What a hoot – we love that you’ve stumbled across the site. Bloody marvellous. What are you up to? Are you making any work or are you hands off glass for the time being? n(Ed)

  3. Hey n(Ed)… Indeed I am in the making frame of mind at the moment. I have just started a residence with a church/studio group called the Florence Trust, in north London. The studio is in an 18th century restored gothic church. Its not a glass studio and I’m mostly doing installation/sculpture work at the moment (using glass sometimes). I will be doing some glass work in the next 6 months so i’m looking forward to that… London is great, lots of stuff to see and do. I’ll send images and a full report soon

  4. Been thinking of you now that Cup Day is approaching…You’ve obviously survived the move… is all well with the gang? Am still working at the NGV, just had a five week stint working with the boss as an assistant, and meanwhile have been in a ‘creative hiatus’, although am beginning to get itchy fingers,-don’t think that it will be glass I’ll be reaching for though!
    Got a hot Cup tip for me? Hope you get pissed, spew in your fascinator and win the quaddy!
    Love Jules

  5. Hey Jules

    have been missing ya! And yes, tomorrow is our fave day of the year…but I’m actually having to forgo the gee-gees this year – am under the gun with two looming (writing) deadlines and just can’t afford the time (‘cos let’s face it, I’d be losing at least another day to the hang-over…)
    It’s a tragedy, I know, but a gel’s gotta do what a gel’s gotta do. And besides, apparently the Kalaru track alternates with Moruya – and it’s Moruya’s turn this year. We will definitely make up for it next year…
    Hope to catch up with you soon. Came across your white oven dish when I was packing – will try to remember to bring it next time I come to Melbourne!!!
    Hope you’re enjoying the NGV, though I know exactly how you feel apropos the creative itch – am inching inexcorably towards a studio…
    Come up and visit sometime soon, huh?
    Lotsa love n(Ed)

  6. I am wanting to contact David Wright with whom I studied glass in 1995. Would it be possible to either give David my contact information or send me his? Any help would be much appreciated. BJ Katz

  7. We’ll see what we can do. Funnily enough he lives in the little seaside town (Flinders) that I grew up in, and I bought my first ever piece of craft (a ceramic chess set) from his mother’s gallery at about age 12… n(Ed)

  8. Hi there-just stumbled upon site while itching to get back to studio, inspired by Ausglass in January, sorting through pics of Hobart, etc. Will eventually get to do some casting I hope get back to Australia in time for the next Ausglass

  9. Write me love….thinking of you, but don’t have your email! Am building ‘stewdio’ too-albeit with a house connected to it!
    Miss you-love the blog

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