Damo’s got ’em going again…


We see that Damien Hirst has sent a mexican flap through the art world again – this time ‘cos he dares to circumvent the commercial gallery mob. Ah well, what will be will be – we certainly have no qualms about the artist excising the middle-man. It had to happen sooner or later.

But speaking of Hirst – did anybody catch his episode on our fave owner-builder show, Grand Designs? It was fantastic – he sounds exactly like Ozzy Osbourne! Dead set, if you closed your eyes it was Ozzy doing the talking. What a hoot – kept us enthralled for the entire programme.

[We love Ozzy, so it was a real bonus. n(Ed)]

Plenty of tongue action over at ArtWranglers…


How marvellous it is to see Nigel slipping quietly back into a spot of art practice. He’d been invited into a show autophilia at SNO (Sydney Non Objective) a couple of months ago and it seems to have triggered something of a creative interlude…


(above) Nigel Lendon, Le monde de l’art a la langue fourchue.

Encore, professore, encore!! And we so concur with the sentiment.

Ian Mowbray’s ‘dead country’…



Ian Mowbray, Harry loved that car


We missed it, boo hoo, but never mind – Ian’s sent through a bundle of consolation with these images from his latest show dead country at Dianne Tanzer Gallery in Melbourne.


Ian Mowbray, Stopped


 You’ll be pleased to see he’s lost none of his characteristic edge… 



           Ian Mowbray (l-r), Harry loved that car, Stopped, Ahh fuck. (Click to enlarge.)

Artist statement for dead country:


A country death is ok.

We must die sometime, why not in the country?

In the great outdoors, surrounded by nature

A sublime and primal death.

Then, to be eaten by ants

Broken down into tiny pieces and carried underground

To be stored for winter.


Ian Mowbray, Ahh fuck.


And he’s also been getting down and dirty in the back seat of a car in a wonderful collaboration with Margaret Dodd for her current show (you’ll need Adobe Reader to open this pdf) at the Jam in Adelaide. Ya gotta love that!



Luna brings rain…


Luna stopped over again yesterday, this time on the return trip from Melbourne, and she brought with her the one precious thing we’ve been really hanging out for – rain. Happy, happy, joy, joy…

Meanwhile, not all that much goss from down south – the Kirra opening was well attended, plenty of ‘Berra bods made the trek down the Hume (it was a “Canberra Glass” show, same-old-same-old), and their number was inflated by a smattering of ex-pats (Tae and Jules, etc.) Would have been a nice catch-up at any rate.

Now that’s a scallop….


We were quietly moseying around Sammy Jo’s facebook photos (she’s in Edinburgh at the moment, where she’s scored herself a fab summer job on the Royal Scotsman) when we came across some snaps posted by one of her crewmates, Paul, the sous chef. Omigod, we haven’t seen a scallop that big since we were kids down at Flinders and Uncle Max used to bring ’em back in his crayfish haul. Yummy!!

Mind you, they ought to be – it seems they cost well over £300 (wholesale) for just 90 of the buggers!! (…we got the inside scoop over the phone last night.)

Postcard from NY State: Jacq Knight at Alfred…



Jacq Knight, Zipper, cast glass, 12′ tall (US measurements!!)



We just received a lovely newsy postcard from Jacq Knight who’s recently completed her MFA stint at Alfred and is on the verge of moving to Providence, Rhode Island (tomorrow, in fact) with her fella. 

Having just finished teaching a summer glass-blowing class at Alfred, she’s now taking up a gig teaching weekly casting classes in Providence, where she’s already organised a studio space and additional work for other artists – so there’ll be no rest for the wicked by the sound of things.

Her Master’s work looks very cool – she really enjoyed the sculptural focus at Alfred – and one of the larger pieces has been included in a show at the Central Academy of Fine Art in Beiijing. (She’ll be heading across for the September launch, lucky bugger…)

Meanwhile, for a squizz at more goodies, go here.

Klaus’s roll-up demo at GAS…

     (click to enlarge)



Klaus broke out the roll-up demo for GAS again this year, but had to amend it from “The Great Australian Roll-up” to a more generic Yankee version after Tom Rowney broke his leg in the lead up to the conference and Klausie found himself having to find another gaffer. No great drama in the end it seems – Paul Cunningham stepped up to the plate and made it all look like a bit of a doddle (we’ve been watching the vids!) Lovely to see Yoko again (…and hey Terri – Klaus tells us you were in the audience, so a big hi to you too)

Oscillations at Spiral…


Our old pal Joy Georgeson has just sent through the invitation to the sequal of Southern Oscillations, the Sydney show she shared with fellow Far-South-Coaster Bill Insch earlier in the year. She’s been working like a navvy on a new body of work apparently, which intriguingly includes a 2 metre Montegue Lighthouse. We’re rather looking forward to that!  Opens Friday week at Spiral Gallery – see you all there.