Gone lappin’…

31 10 2009

Hallelullia, the Gang’s back in the swim!! Candelo pool was glorious today…


What Wazza’s up to…

31 10 2009

Thanks to Iconophilia for this lead


Warren Langley, The Vessel of (Horti)cultural Plenty 2009

Backing off…

31 10 2009

Hey all, we’re reconsidering the amount of time (editing/uploading snaps and snaffling on about ‘what’s it all about Alfie?’) lost in blog-biz and we’ve decided to pull it right back. We’ve got too many competing commitments – and that most precious commodity, life/home/hearth, is taking a dive. So we’re gunna claw back our R&R and post way less frequently. More specifically, we’re not going to cover the scene so broadly, we’re just going to drop in stuff of entirely subjective orientation. Be prepared for sporadic scat.

Last meeting, folks…

29 10 2009

Yesterday was fairly intense at the BVRG; meetings, followed by meetings, followed by the gallery forum ‘So you want to be an artist…?’ – which ran the length of the afternoon and attracted 60-odd art perps. Well, darlings, as you can imagine, by the end of the day we were simply exhausted. And more than ready for that very last meeting of the day…




…the debrief with Rach, Al, Rowie & Megsie (at the newly built beer deck at the Bank Hotel.)

Last Friday’s galloping gallery rounds (or a portion thereof)…

27 10 2009

Last week saw the usual PMS (pre-manic-show) syndrome that grips us monthly at BVRG – that relentless lead up to every opening (it’s always fraught; too much to do, too little time, too few hands.) But of course we managed as always to pull it together in time to wander down at 5pm on the Friday for the opening of Kim Falkenmire’s new show, Of Landscape and Memory, at Spiral – there to do a quick round of drinkies, snaps and chatter before belting back to the Regional to set up the refreshments for our own opening at six.






DebbieCraig(Kim’s show was officially opened by last year’s winner of the Bega Art Awards, Craig Cameron, above right)

Anyhoo, having attended to the requisite social observances, Rach and the Gang beat a swift retreat back to the BVRG only to get so involved with the ensuing meet’n’greet’n barkeepin’ & speechifyin’ session of our own that it wasn’t until over breakfast the next morning that we suddenly realised we’d completely forgotten to take any more pictures of the evening (and to compound the matter, we’d left the camera on the desk at work…)

Total bummer, dudes. Unbelievable. So we’ve missed bringing you the excitement of the opening of Rose Montebello and Gabrielle Powell’s show, Women’s work, entirely.

Ah, doesn’t matter – we’ll sort out a pictorial sweep soonish, and Rose will be back in town on November 11 for the Arts Café. So all is not completely lost…

And besides, it’s incontrovertible proof that we always put the promo of others before our own – bugger, bum. Must be old Granny Lucas’s Presbyterian influence. Might have to review the practice!!

Nick Mount at Artisan…

27 10 2009



The Gang’s visit to Artisan coincided with Nick’s new show which was an unexpected, though happy, bonus. We haven’t got a list of works – so no titles, sorry. You’ll just have to enjoy them in a job lot.





For more goodies, go here.

Loved the Japanese fabric, Nick, and the drawn patterning.

It’s a show with great élan.  That’s what we like about Nick’s work, the verve – and that infectious sense of genuine enjoyment. As for the skill factor, hey, it goes without saying that he’s nonpareil.

Glass Spotto…

24 10 2009


Tom Moore, Armour, blown and hot sculpted glass, wood. Photo: Grant Hancock.