Wethinks they’re telling us something, people…

For all those yahoos and bogans heading for Bali, it might be instructive to take heed of some of the ogoh-ogohs (demons) made for this year’s Ngrupuk parade on the eve of Nyepi (Bali’s Day of Silence.) It all went off last night; the ogoh-ogohs are paraded through the streets and then, in an emotionally charged climax, ceremoniously burnt to rid the environment of spiritual pollutants…


classic Western tourist

surfer dude


…hard to ignore the inclusion of the classic Western tourist/expat and the surfer dude.

Contemplate that for the next 24 hrs of total lockdown.



Dark Horse Experiment…

As promised…



It’s so handy having this gallery across the road from Granny’s – not far to hobble for a kultcha fix. And a way cool show opened last Friday…








What’s not to like?

As Chloe Sudgen writes in the exhibition blurb…Through Wasted, Lynch harnesses the mediums of sculpture, collage, installation, and assemblage to contribute to a post-acopalyptic narrative…Lynch avoids the cliché of a dystopian post-apocalyptic, grounding his visions of a declining Western civilization in fantasy, rebirth and mysticism. From the wasteland of modernity’s failure, he envisages the rising of ‘inhuman, post apocalyptic garbage clans… his fantastical garbage warriors stand as totems for the renewal and regeneration of life after a final cataclysm.’

Or Mad Max XIV, maybe.






More Armageddon survival here.

[Apologies to the artist/gallery but, although we do have a room list, the wall numbering was so faint that we’ve since had difficulty correlating titles to works – we took the odd stab only.)

Rehab 101: Bar Lui at Vue de Monde…

Chrissie pointed out that we couldn’t possibly leave Melbs without a session at Bar Lui on the 55th floor of the Rialto – and given the Gang’s penchant for rooftop bars (Skybar, Sirocco, Ku De Ta, yadda yadda) we weren’t able to mount an argument. [Couldn’t believe we hadn’t thought of it ourselves!! n(Ed)]



Always the best way to enjoy a city, so we spent a leisurely session working through the signature cocktail list/seeing in the nightfall. Noice, starting with The Lola Montez Spider Dance Fizz…



…followed by the Macadamian Martini (Granny stuck to her habitual bubbles)…


…and the Leatherwood Whisky thingo…


…and plenty more besides.


Can’t say it had quite the élan of the aforementioned establishments, but it is Melbourne after all, so the open air rooftop experience just ain’t gunna happen. They do, however, provide the best smoking area ever…



Not that we smoke anymore – but usually faggers are treated so shabbily, it’s always nice to see them decently catered for. (Like the sunflower garden at Singapore Airport.) Anyhoo, we’ve got Bar Lui marked for a definite future Sunday lunch Bloody Mary venue. Perfeck. Slide into sunset and beyond here.

Rehab 101: the rest of MelbourneNOW…

The Gang and Granny finally caught up with the rest of MelbourneNOW over at Fed Square. And have to say that, yes, it was a mixed bag, but there was plenty of wow factor to make up for any short comings.

And then there was the bonus of the fabulous Jules – again!! She sure gets around that girl…



We loved the Hotham St Ladies decor – a wonderful pastiche of royal buttercream icing, modelling past, confectionary, props and general tat…


The classic 70's dinner party from memory!!

The classic 70’s dinner party, from memory!!





The install must have been a nightmare.

We rather liked Paul Knight’s treatment of his Type C photographs…




And all the big name works; including Stelarc (photographed by Nina Sellars)…



Stelarc, Ear on arm, cast glass, bronze, aluminium

Stelarc, Ear on arm, cast glass, bronze, aluminium


…and Patricia Piccinini’s The Carrier




…and even our main man Ned (courtesy of Shane Hulbert’s colour pigment print His and hers Ned Kelly armour, Glenrowan) got a guernsey…




But our absolute dead-set fave, no prizes for guessing, was Julia deVille’s  Degustation…








IMG_5198 IMG_5191



A Stygian room if ever there was one. We loved it – tickled our morbid fancies big time. Plenty more where that came from here.

Granny and the Gang, replete, repaired immediately to Y&J for our customary bevie with dear Chloe