Saturday arvo in Wyndham…

29 11 2008



There’s nothing like the cry of black cockatoos – and the thwack of willow on leather drifting up across the valley – to remind you that you’re in the heart and soul of country Australia.

(View from the Gang’s front yard…)…

28 11 2008

Shame on us – can’t imagine how we managed to miss Blanchie’s website.




Check it out:

OMIGOD!! Introducing darling little Dee Dee Violet…

28 11 2008


How bizarre – right on the heels of Aric’s post, word arrived last night of the arrival of Dee Dee Violet Lau. Katie Lau was also in that Glass Workshop intake of 2000, and a great mate (we were blowing partners for the duration of the degree.)




Katie, who married Martin in a gorgeous ceremony on the headland at Balmoral Beach a few years ago, has been on imminent bub alert for the last coupla weeks (obviously!) and we’ve been sitting on the edge of our seat awaiting the news…




For those of you who are into the statistics, she weighed in at 8 pounds 3 ounces.




We love the name – Dee Dee Violet, just adorable. All our love, guys. Can’t wait to catch up properly……

27 11 2008



The Gang had the pleasure of Aric’s company back in 2000, when we were both first year students at the ANU School of Art Glass Workshop. He was a very cool dude, already good in the hotshop when the rest of us were rank beginners. He’d come specifically to study with Stephen Procter and lucked out badly with the onset of Stephen’s sudden illness and demise – and so Aric, not unreasonably, opted to pull up stumps and return Stateside. It’s lovely to cross paths again (as you do in the glass fraternity) and we were really interested to check out his new website;

Here’s to you, old son. And we’re very pleased to see you’ve lost none of your awe of the universe…

Opening tonight at SCA…

26 11 2008



Andrew Lavery has sent through notice of tonight’s opening at SCA – an exhibition of Glass Alumni, curated by Lee Mathers. Anyone planning a trip to Sydders in the next couple of weeks should mark it on their dance cards…

The latest from Tevita…

26 11 2008


We always get excited when we receive images in the mail, and never more so than when the goodies are from Tevita.


He didn’t send any titles (we’ll put ’em in later if they show) – we can tell you that they’re glass, wood and string. Enjoy.



On the news front, he has a show at CCAS next year – a shift that we’re really looking forward to. Contemporary art, people. That’s what we’re talkin’ about.

Domain 2008…

25 11 2008


This post is a little tardy – while the Gang was up north, Jas sent through an overview of Domain 2008, the annual temporary public art program held in Canberra City West, on Alinga St (spreading out from the Wig & Pen) – so sincere apologies for taking so long, Jas, but we had other pressing commitments to conclude primo…(hence that general blog inertia last week.)




Co-ordinated every year by Cathy Laudenbach, this temporary art-en-plein-air fest features the work of twelve selected artists: Jas Hugonnet’s bird netting Nodules (above), using existing plants as a substructure for the work/reformatting a temporary material for a temporary project; Nick Strank’s bronzes on the sales tables in Smith’s bookshop; Sam Townsend’s performance as Fannii Minogue; Lucy Quinn’s video piece in Smith’s shopfront; Dorte Conroy’s very cute bus signalling system;


     nick-stranks1 sam-townsend2 lucy-quinn dorte-conroy


Ed Whalan’s photographic installation in an empty shopfront; Heather B Swann’s black pussy’s head in a frock shop; Mariana Del Castillo’s mural under the stairwell; Steven Holland’s serpent feet, Sito, in the hairdressing salon.


      ed-whalan heather-b-swann1 mariana-del-castillo steven-holland

                                  (click to enlarge)

Fiona Lee conducted an interactive audience piece (no snap); Geoff Farquhar-Still had another fabbo industrial waste number that was instantly turned into a percussion piece by an appreciative audience on the opening night (and yes, before you all start, we have seen Christo and Jean-Claude’s 1962 piece in Paris, and yes we do know that this kind of thing’s been done recently by Ruak Lewis, amongst others…yadda yadda. It’s different horses, different courses. We like it HEAPS.)



         (Hey there, Maxie and Jack!)

And the last word goes to the never wearisome Simon Scheuerle, whose Clown performance involved a quiet ale at the Wig & Pen every lunchtime. Now that’s what we call a well-considered art practice. 


Thanks, Jas!


Domain is funded by the ACT Government Community Outreach Program and managed by the ANU School of Art.