Claiming the date…

31 03 2009

If you’re into cocktails, good company, lots of fun and some well placed cultural philanthropy, then mark this on your dance card…





For those who find that a bit fuzzy(!!) and hard to read, the lowdown is that the Gallery is holding an Irish-style auction as a fundraiser; a democratic ticket ‘draw’ system as opposed to a bidding war – meaning that everybody’s in with a chance to pocket the goodies. [We love that. n(Ed)]

It’ll be held at the Bega Valley Regional Gallery on Friday 17th April (goodness, not far off!!) so book your tickets now.

Rose Montebello, a cut above the ordinary…

31 03 2009


Rose Montebello, Knot.

    snake-right2  snake-left1  



Friday week ago the Gang fanged across the Monaro to catch Rose Montebello’s latest exhibition, The Feeding Tree, at ArtWranglers – and what a ripper it was. Well worth the three hour drive. And of course there was the added bonus of catching up with all the beautiful peeps on the Canbr’arts circuit, not the least being Nige and the lovely Willameena. We’ll have to break the g(l)oss into two posts, otherwise it’ll be too cumbersome. So here, then, is the show itself.

It’s colour photocopies on board. Too good.



Rose Montebello, Only One.






Rose Montebello, High Branch



Rose Montebello, Feeding Tree

    eagle-right2    eagle-left1



Rose Montebello, Low Point




Rose Montebello, Swallow


and of course the one we showed the other day (…that we’re still kicking ourselves we didn’t buy…)



Rose Montebello, Night Game


For all the inside gen, and more, go to ArtWranglers’  March 19th post.

This weekend at the Crossing…

30 03 2009


On the job…

30 03 2009



Spotted in the foyer at the exhibition opening the other night – a security pooch on handbag duty…

The ‘Construct: Sculpture in the house’ opening…

29 03 2009


(above) Klaus and Megsie with artists Bob Georgeson, Mariana del Castillo and Alex Asch.

Last Friday night was the opening of Construct: Sculpture in the house at the Bega Regional Gallery, and what a great show [even if we do say so ourselves!! n(Ed)] This was Megsie’s first curatorial outing in the Gallery (she’d inherited an almost  fully booked 2 year program with the job – but happily there’s the odd blank for her to play with, and this is the first…) 

The exhibition is an Eden-Monaro special, featuring the work of Queanbeyan artists Mariana del Castillo and Alex Asch, and Bermagui artist and winner of the recent SEMAG show, Bob Georgeson. We’ll bring you the show proper, with the curatorial overview, shortly. But for now, sit back and enjoy a bird’s eye view of the social rounds.

More snaps here.

On a promise…

26 03 2009



Coming soon – Rose Montebello’s show at ArtWranglers.



25 03 2009

Anyone wondering what on earth happened to the rest of the Adelaide trip, never fear it’s still coming…we’re just experiencing a bit of a log jam.



Actually, Megsie’s doing an install at Bega and has a speech to write – so everything else is being held in abeyance…