The launch of this blog was quite deliberately timed to coincide with the galah opening of Canberra’s newest cultural tourism attraction, the Canberra Glassworks at Kingston. It was a big weekend in town with a shin-dig on Friday night at the Glassworks followed by an opening at Workshop Bilk in Queanbeyan on the Saturday. Every glassie and his/her dog was there along with a big crush of suits (the public service free-loaders). Kenny had a big night out back with the porta-loos, and we soon found out that it’s not only footballers who like to get lascivious in the lavatory!!!! For happy snaps of the fun-fare check the following link:


Please note, for future reference, that we maintain the following house policy: the only names we shall drop in our social tattle will be surnames...

2 thoughts on “G(L)OSSIP

  1. No worries darl, still working my way through all the snaps. Meanwhile there’s lots of g(l)ossip archived in the G(l)ossip Column (see Categories on the side-bar.) It’s a bit like thumbing your way through old ‘Who’ magazines while you’re sitting and waiting at the doctor’s!!!! n(Ed)

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