At last…

28 03 2012

…civilization; Dan Murphy’s opens in Bega.


Yee Har!!

Tour de Tweed…

27 03 2012

Last Friday the Gang did the airport foxtrot to the Tweed River Regional Gallery for the latest episode of Tour de Force: in case of emergency break glass; Megsie being guest speaker at the opening (and giving a floortalk as well.)

What a fabulous facility – though we’d be more than content with something a touch under half the size. And the outlook! Sooo Bega Valley



…we can just picture it up at the Lookout.

Anyhoo, it was a big turnout for both the talk and the opening – which also featured the ‘unveiling’ of Margot Anthony’s portrait by Rob Hannaford. All very spooky given that we’re moving into peak portrait season in a big way back at home (the Shirley Hannan’s getting very close.) It was certainly a real priviledge to meet Margot and Doug…



…what lovely folks they are up there. And what a great job they did with Tour. Brilliant.



Plenty of serious room. Totally cool. More snaps here.

And yet another surprise on the night…



…Deb Cox en famille at dinner.

The only disappointment was Suzi’s absence; she was away on her global inspection of museum-held-artist-studios, in preparation for the Tweed’s accessioning of the delectable Margaret Olley pile.

[The ultimate mission we reckon. How splendid. n(Ed).]

And then it was back on the plane the next morning for Melbourne…



…for a serious fall-about with the l’il bro (no snaps, too busy partying.)  But we can report that we certainly made up for the years of absence (we only see him when he’s over filming something.)



We had a very laid back Sunday, as you do, before Phil took off up-country again and Granny and Megsie slipped into one last drinkie before the old chook’s hip-op the next morning…



At 6am Monday morning we headed off – the Gang to Tulla/Merimbula and Granny to her date with her orthopedic surgeon at the Mercy.

(She’s fine, btw.)


26 03 2012

Thanks to Lois for Ned-spotto in Bombala…


The hunk files…

22 03 2012

The Gang received a very cute email from Stephen Skillitzi, letting us know that he had a residency coming up later in the year at the Glassworks – and he tossed in a few glam shots, of which this is our hands-down fave…



…on his way to England in 1967. Incontrovertible proof that those blowers have always been hotties…


From Jas…

17 03 2012

Paul Sutton

After the Rain  

jas hugonnet gallery


Sutton’s work focuses on the art of seeing, recording his experience of being in the world and creating evocative viewing encounters.

This collection began with the simple premise of making photographs after the rain, when the roads become mirrors, and the gutters shorelines.

After many forays into the drenched streets Sutton’s attention was drawn to fallen graphics, drops of light, and other washed up surprises.

The works that form After the Rain evoke the feeling of being outside when the air, charged with negative ions, presides over a wet and rejuvenated scene.

Now showing March 15 to June 15

to view the collection please click

To arrange an appointment to view or for media images, please call 0417 235 916 or contact the gallery via the website.

Caught our eye…

16 03 2012

…for so many reasons. How could it not?


Courtesy of artdaily. (Click to enlarge)

Matt’s opening…

15 03 2012

It was the second weekend in a row for nail-biting apropos whether or not to cancel an exhibition opening; this time the Matthew Jones show at the BVRG. Had it continued to rain on the Friday we really would have pulled the plug, if only as a duty of care to all the cognoscenti who’d feel obliged to travel through the dangerous conditions. But we had a fair day of it – and decided that we wouldn’t be morally culpable for any mishaps after all.

Guest speaker for the evening, Andrew Sayers, went the long-haul around the Darragh (the Brown having collapsed) with nary a murmur and we’re convinced that he’s entirely responsible for bringing the glorious weather for the (Canberra) long weekend that followed.



There was a gratifyingly dedicated show of support in the end, many people making the supreme effort to drive the long way around Merimbula or Cobargo in order to make it. And they were well rewarded for their effort. Matt, the 3rd recipient of the Far South Coast Living Artist Project Scholarship, did the program (and his Dad) proud.



It’s a fabulous exhibition; strong and fresh, with just enough soft-pop to contemporize the ‘storybook’ mien. The portraits are merely numbered (ie not titled per se), apart from the one self-portrait as a pleasant young man…



and that seriously cute, folkloric series of animals…


No prizes for guessing Megsie’s favourite, though…

Gallery visitors are loving it big time. One definitely not to be missed.

More goodies here.

Even more goodies here

But wait, there’s more  (this from Matt’s friend Sam, who’s one of his subjects)