A midsummer’s (ganja fuelled) day dream…

11 08 2015

Bottom and Titania

Suddenly it all makes sense…Puck, Titania, Bottom! Yep, we’re talking about the latest frenzy of media revelations that The Bard was on the weed. (National Geographic first ran a story on this in 2001 apparently, but hey.)

How fabulous – grounds for the decriminalisation of cannabis possession could now be extended to the Creative Industries! Way to go dudes…though a responsible campaign would need to carry the requisite warning: smoking pot could lead to hair loss…


We stand with you…

1 08 2015

Wow – can’t imagine that anything could be more visually effective than the show of support for Adam Goodes at Garma 2015…



Yolngu boys at Garma Festival in north-east Arnhem Land, NT, are painted in a Sydney Swans jersey to support embattled AFL star Adam Goodes. Local men and boys danced to support Goodes and to reject racism after he endured months of abuse on the field. (NITV News.)


Could the Adam Goodes imbroglio herald (at long last) a genuine turning point in the Reconciliation process? We really hope so.

Commentators are viewing the brouhaha as a ‘watershed moment’ – and indeed it is. There’s an inherently racist substrata running through our culture and anyone who thinks otherwise is totally kidding themselves.

It’s a shame job, enough is enough.

Jolly good show, chaps…

26 07 2015

…we’re loving this little number from David Bowler…


No let-up, eh. Bloody marvellous.

You know what we’re talking about. But just on the off-chance you really have lost your bearings, go here.

Then I saw her face…

26 07 2015

…and I’m a believer.


Get it on – we could almost turn religious.

Glass…vomit inducing!?…

20 04 2015

Goodness gracious!

Nige has just sent through an extraordinary bit of blurt from Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola on the subject of her latest range, launched in Milan this week…


Check out the article here.

Technicolour yawns all round, we reckon.

[Thanks Nige – what a cackle! n(Ed)]


31 01 2015


Thrown a Kurv ball…

16 11 2014


Is it only us, or is there something inherently wrong (on oh so many levels) with the following blurb…

However, the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet and the Treasury have looked elsewhere for some special G20-related gifts, spending more than $33,000 at Global Icons, a Sydney-based company specialising in “acquiring actual relics from iconic UNESCO World Heritage sites and featuring these authentic elements enshrined within unique representations of the original icon”.

In the case of Australia, Global Icons offers “Kurv”, a $595 “European crystal sculpture of the Sydney Opera House that incorporates a red granite cutting removed from the building during renovations”. A brushed aluminium display stand costs a further $195.

Global Icons executive creative director Paul Bailey says his company’s products offer “personal ownership of iconic world heritage to high-wealth individuals”.

Yep, that’s what’s wrong with the world. Never mind the gift itself…


Article Lead - narrow6320448411n7xgimage.related.articleLeadNarrow.353x0.11mow4.png1415970504767.jpg-300x0


Very unattractive.

Thanks Nige for the headzup – full article here.

Vadge art…

26 08 2014

Swiss performance artist Milo Moiré gets funky with eggs at Art Cologne…





In explanation the artist says it’s all about “the compressed birth of a work of art. Laboriously leaves the egg the birth canal of the artist and shatters on the screen, red colour flowing out.

“The next egg holds a different colour and thus arises gradually, accompanied only by loud ‘plops’, an abstract work – archaic, uncontrollable and intuitive. At the end of almost meditative type-birth-performance, the stained canvas is folded, smoothed and unfolded to a symmetrical mirror image of surprising colours and powerful because of universal symbolism.

“The resulting directly from the vagina image is instantly chains of thought-free – over creation fear, the symbolic power of the casual and the creative power of femininity.”

It’s all happening here

All we can say is…gosh.

[We don’t imagine we’ll be seeing it soon in Bega. n(Ed)]

Just so you know…

7 07 2014

From Duffy London via colossal…





We are completely over it now.

State of mind…

7 07 2014




Damian Hirst, Rehab is for Quitters, 1998 – 1999