The perfect Sunday…

Apart from the circumstances leading to it (Mike Kelly’s defeat at the recent Federal election – a dead cert travesty if ever there was one), Megsie had a lovely time at the lunch organised by the local faithfull to thank Mike for his indefatigable dedication to the shire.

Unimaginable that he should lose his seat – party politics aside he was a brilliant member with a genuine regard for his constituents and a serious eye on the progressive development of the region. He became the victim of thoughtless fickleness on the part of the ‘what about moi’ voting public. Well, they’ve got what they deserved with Abbott et al. But that hardly mitigates the loss of Mike.

Megsie with two top blokes

Megsie with two top blokes

Too good a bloke to lose, that’s for sure. It’s shameful.

Currently showing at the BVRG…

Briar W-M

Grad Show 2013 DL-2

Hot on the heels of the HSC Visual Arts assessment comes the BVRG’s annual Grad Show, featuring selected work from the shire’s four secondary schools; Eden Marine High, Bega High, Lumen Christi and Sapphire Coast Anglican College.

It opened last Thursday night and runs for 3 weeks…


grad 9




Plenty of gems, including Juanita Scott-Funaki’s lino print Avion Garuwangan (Plane Dreaming)  – My World Trip 2009, recipient of the 2013 Linda Deighton Youth Encouragement Award…

Juanita Scott-Funaki

…and Eden Hendry’s digital photography series, of which Stonehouse Trails was one…

Stonehouse Trails_1 copy

…which earned him the Australian National University Student Equity Encouragement Award.

We were really keen on Joe Stewart’s Akuna

Joe Stewart, Akuna, Eden Marine High

…and Beth Knox’s Lifecycle

Beth Knox

…but would have to say that Briar Watt-Meeks work, the Heredity – my lineal pattern series, pretty much knocked our socks off…

Briar Watt-Meeks

Briar Watt-Meeks 1

This show is most definitely worth a squiz. Always nice to witness that affirmation of regeneration in the tidal pool of the local art scene, eh.

grad 5





Loving the dentist, unbelievable…

Whoever thought going to the dentist could be something to look forward to!?!

Well, it is when you go to Bangkok. Megsie packed the Poo and took off for her second visit without a trace of angst. She loves those guys at Bangkok Smile Dental Clinic – they’ve cured her of that mortal dread that’s clung since childhood. So gentle, so sweet – who’d have thunk it!! Brilliant.

This time she and the Poo lived high – as in hung out on roof tops; doing the rounds of Bangkok’s sensational roof top bars…

The Poo at Sirocco

The Poo at Sirocco

The Poo at Skybar

The Poo at Skybar

Checking out the Skybar from Ku De Ta

Checking out the Skybar from Ku De Ta

…and sniffing out some fabulous eateries…

The Poo at Hide and Seek

The Poo at Hide and Seek

So it was all about the good life, really; daily lapping…

Megsies lap pool

…eating…Duck confit at Hide and Seek


…(it helped that the best sushi joint in Bangkok, the Isao, was across the lane from her hotel!!)…

the Jackie

…relaxing (foot massage at Chatuchak)…

foot massage at Chatuchak

…and generally loitering with no particular intent with mates…

Rick and Suellen

Rick and Suellen

And it wasn’t all beer and skittles – she caught up with some culture…

Karin Philolyabut at the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre

Karin Philolyabut at the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre

Karin Philolyabut, detail 1

Karin Philolyabut, detail 2

Noppadon  Vivoonchatapun, old clothes

Noppadon Vivoonchatapun, old clothes

Sanitas Pradittasnee

Sanitas Pradittasnee

…soaked up the street scenes…

Thai boxing at the mall

Thai boxing at the mall

…and just had a bloody good time.

Needless to say she’s hanging out big time for her next appointment.

Lots more happy snaps here.