Pool spotto…

30 09 2014

First swim of the season – yeehar!



Meanwhile back at the ranch…






Ain’t country life grand.

Now showing…

28 09 2014

…at jas hugonnet gallery…






Jacob Potter   New Work   

www.hugonnet.com.au    jas hugonnet gallery   0417 235 916

Beyond the roll-up…

24 09 2014

…the evolution.







Striking that near perfect balance of figurative abstraction (check the Vimeo.)

Marc Petrovic’s website here. Vimeo here.

Glass spotto: upcoming…

22 09 2014

Opening drinkies at Narek for Wendy Fairclough new exhibition, everywhere you look, on October 4th…


Wendy Threads600


Amber Palace, Jaipur349h


Narek’s website here.

Glass spotto…

20 09 2014

Secret men’s business from NZ artist Graeme D Hitchcock…







 Love it – website here.

A plug for the brother-in-law…

18 09 2014

Opening this weekend in Canberra…(to coincide with a double sexties partay – both Min and Harijs!!)

Amber to Ochre-2

The Chandelier files…

18 09 2014





Super cool. And this…




At Young & Battaglia, here.

Vale Nonna…

17 09 2014



Vale Nonna 2



[For those of you asking – yes, Sammy is indeed the bubba. n(Ed)]

Glass spotto…

8 09 2014

Yankee Beth Lipman…



AAQ SPRING 14-9-1 LR_0


Super tasteful. Website here.

Not just beer and skittles…

6 09 2014

056 (2)


Hope you’re dropping in regularly to Sarah Humphrey’s NSGP blog from North Lands (here) – looks like she’s having a grand time of it…