Harvest time…

26 02 2015

Darlings! It’s blackberry season in our neck of the woods – which always delights us, of course, because it’s the harbinger of Blackberry Nip. Yay!!

blackberry season

Well, Rose and Blackberry Nip to be more precise [Megsie’s added a splash of rose this year and it’s absolutely divine. n(Ed)]

We’ve made some jam on the side – but it’s really all about The Nip, eh.

Glass Spotto…

17 02 2015

Good enough to eat. We love this piece of Nick Wirdnam’s, For Speed Strength and Endurance, shown at the Worth Gallery in Adelaide during the Ausglass Conference 2015…


[Which is hardly surprising given our penchant for garlic! All the translucency of freshly dug new season bulbs. Yum. n(Ed)]

Nob napery…

9 02 2015

Dah-lings!! The latest trend in napery (though it was probably big back in the ’70’s) – the phallic fold – spotted last night in Seminyak…

phallus fold

We imagine it’ll take off, big time.

[Takes you back, eh! n(Ed)]

Spotlight on Jas…

1 02 2015


Cool profile on Jas in the Canberra Times here.


1 02 2015

We’ve just realised that we have completely neglected to post any progress reports re Prisoners of the Crown! Dear oh dear, what a shocking oversight!


So: Megsie is still patiently(!) waiting for her cold-shop, but Ginger is quietly getting underway…


Ginger Bottari, Prototype brooch for the Papillon series (saw-pierced titanium and brass, layered and welded, cubic zirconia)



Ginger Bottari, Caged Pearls, 925 silver and South Sea pearls.


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