The cultural-cha-cha this coming weekend…

30 09 2009



If you’re headed for the coast for the long week-end, Narek and Ivy Hill are emerging from their winter hibernation…



More about RAW…

30 09 2009


RAW: art in the garage…

25 09 2009

We’re going to be away for a few days so thought we’d leave you with something fabbo to visit – The Bega Valley Regional Gallery’s latest show RAW: art in the garage – serious creative flair from the Tulgeen Group’s artists with disabilities in the Bega Valley Shire.


Mr Wise's Trottery

(above) Jeffery Young, Mr Wise’s Trottery, acrylic on canvas

The exhibition opened last Friday and was launched by none other that Nigel [Lendon, Associate Head (Post Graduate) of the ANU School of Art.]


Nigel's speech

And what a pearler of a night it was – a huge crowd, a blizzard of red dots and a veritable scrum of happy artists.  Fair enough, too – the show is nothing short of wonderful.


Pauline-with-her-work(above) Pauline Prendergast with some of her work.

There was so much joy in the room you could bottle it.



Michael O’Dea, Michael Jackson, acrylic on canvas


Raw-8Natasha Miles, Camping series

We love it, big time (except that Peter Fay swooped in and snaffled up our fave works!!)

For more info about the Art In The Garage Project go here, and for more snaps of the opening night, go here.

Studio files: Tom Moore…

24 09 2009

The Gang’s off to Adders on Friday, and we suddenly realised that we’ve still not posted the snaps of Tom’s studio from the last trip!! So here’s an archival treat…



Tom’s studio is like stepping through the looking glass – full of the most curiously adorable critters imaginable… 




…and no end of amusements for Megsie…

















For lots more silly pink bits, go here.

Studio files: peek-a-boo with Ian…

23 09 2009




As you can see, the Gang had a lovely visit with Ian in his studio, checking out his bits.




                    So incredibly fine, all hand carved. Quite mind-boggling really.



The Governess goes a-roving…

22 09 2009


The Gang’s fave pic in the BVRG’s permanent collection is off on loan to Bendigo Regional Gallery…


21 09 2009

The Gang and Rachel were in Melbs a week ago for a conference, which was strictly a work trip and incredibly exhausting (we were pathetically diligent – no skiving off to speak of whatsoever. Fair dinkum, darlings.) 

Anyhoo, we’re just going to post a swifty photo journal – no time for in depth explanation…



We stopped off at EGAG on the way down to say g’day and check out their artists’ book show…




Then Melbs was just work, work, work interspersed with lovely dinners; Young and Jacksons with Chloe…


Coda with Granny…




…and then Tjanabi in Fed Square for the official conference dinner, where we met lovely Sister Veronica Brady (from the University of WA  – we attended her panel session that morning)…


Megsie,-Sister-Veronica-and Graham from Eurobodalla


…and the incomparable Constantina Bush…


lovely-sheila,-Constantina-Patricia,-Constantina-&-that-lovely bloke from Charters Towers













Gotta love Constantina. We think we’ll book her for Bega.

Other highlights were the opening ceremony…




…the grafitti walk…




…and the Racing Museum…




…a timely reminder that our fave event of the year, the Melbourne Cup, is coming our way.

A spiky welcome home…

21 09 2009

…the Gang arrived home from Canberra this evening to find Ginger waiting with an echidna, which she’d found hanging out in the garden…



…sooo cute…



We let it free in the next door paddock…

It was a lovely end (that and a lyrebird at the bottom of the Darragh) to a fabbo day of Oz cult-cha-cha; Sidney Nolan at the War Memorial, Nick Cave at the National Library and a circuit of the National Portrait Gallery, punctuated by a ripper lunch. Noice.

Caren’s opening at Megalo…

16 09 2009

We missed Caren’s opening, rats, but the beauty of blogging is that you can cross link and catch it on the e-waves…

Caren's opening

And as a serious bonus you get not only the install but the opening and the show as well.

Mariana opens at CMAG…

14 09 2009

Just in: snaps of Mariana del Castillo’s show in CMAG’s Gallery 4 glass space…

Detail 7-limbo mania




LIMBO (noun)

1.       the state of being disregarded or forgotten
2. an imaginary place for lost or neglected things
3. (theology) in Roman Catholicism, the place of unbaptized but innocent or righteous souls (such as infants and virtuous individuals)



As a child growing up in Ecuador the nuns would show us Hieronymus Bosch’s (1450–1516) painting of ‘The garden of earthly delights’, pointing to the right hand panel of hell and proclaiming loudly that the consequences of insolence would land you in this ghoulish place. Staring at the panel of hell it appeared to me more like a circus. I was drawn to the central panel depicting purgatory or limbo it was a joyous free for all without inhibition or reason. Heaven or the Garden of Eden depicted in the right hand panel although full of animals appeared subdued and sombre and without mischief. 


 In my art practice I have always preferred the well worn found object, items that bare the presence of human existence so it felt strange when I was drawn to the yellow caution tape and started sewing the strips in to workable pieces. It holds a certain contemporary currency we have all seen it wrapped around scenes of disaster. In this instillation I have combined elements of realism and absurdity with mystical qualities that arouse and reveal past and present memories and emotions.


Detail-limbo mania

 Detail3-limbo mania

Detail4- limbo mania Detail5-limbo mania

Detail8- limbo mania

Detail 6- limbo mania

Detail 2- limbo mania 

Word is that the show’s lit for night viewing – so it’s at its optimum after dark.

For more info go here.

The Gang’s hitting the ‘Berra this coming weekend – looks like we’ll be making a bee-line straight to Civic …