Glass spotto…

15 05 2015

Glasstress Gotika, Venice…




Wael Shawky, The Cabaret Crusades, The Secrets of Karbala. Snap credit: Francesco Allegretto

Oo-ahh, wish we woz there!

Glasstress Gotika on facebook here.

Glass spotto…

14 05 2015

Headz-up from Nige: a work from Fiona Hall’s viz buffet at the Venice Biennale…


…via Rhana Devenport’s facebook.

Ticks all our boxes.

Glass spotto…

13 05 2015


04 The Custodian of Memory

Philippa Beveridge, The Custodian of Memory

Featured on the Contemporary Glass Society’s website, here.

Tom and Edward at Ivy Hill…

3 05 2015

We’re über selective about where and with whom we spend our time these days but something we wouldn’t miss for quids is a Tom Bosman exhibition. We love his work, big time – and last night he was opening at Ivy Hill, in tandem with Edward Willson (bonus!!)

We caught up with dear Tom and Wilma…


…and Karen and Suzie…


…and three of our favourite fellas; Andy, Edward and Harry…


…and lots more lovelies, besides.

And then there was the art…


Tom Bosman, Road to Berridale, acrylic on canvas


Tom Bosman, Road to Delegate, acrylic on canvas


(…mea culpa, honeys, didn’t get the title – but presumably somewhere in the Bega Valley…)


…and some of Edward’s work.

Fabbo! Check out the Ivy Hill website here.

The show is on until the 7th June. Treat yourselves.

We like…

1 05 2015

Dirty Hippie, homegrown in Canberra(!!)



Who’d’ve thunk it. Facebook here.