Moje Milestone…

Klausie’s about to mark yet another significant milestone in his long and illustrious career by celebrating his 75th birthday with (as one might expect) an exhibition and masterclass setting his signature tone.

Last Friday the Gang and BVSC Mayor Tony Allen were given a preview by the Maestro himself, just prior to the work being shipped off to Canberra…

The exhibition opens this coming Wednesday evening at the Glassworks in Kingston.

Tour de Force in Gladstone…

The Gang flew into LNG Central last week for the Tour de Force opening and floor talk at the Gladstone Regional Gallery. As luck might have it the show coincided with the Object/Australian Museum’s touring exhibition Menagerie so, between that and the gallery’s own collection, there were bonus treats in store all round.



Director Pamela Whitlock and her staff were very accommodating and we had an enjoyable, if lightening, visit (not unlike the fly-in-fly-out experience of the town’s general workforce!)

Snaps of lovely peeps and artwork here.

Latest from Jas…

James Powditch

Works form the Adaptation Series  


now showing

jas hugonnet gallery


media release and invitation


Powditch showed with Jas Hugonnet (Level Gallery) in Newtown in the late 90’s and it is great to have him back with selected works from the Adaptation Series.

A constant throughout his career has been the rationale and approach applied to mixed media and composition.

Powditch assigns meaning and layers of symbolism as he mines the cinematic and literary worlds. Palimpsest plays a key role in these works referencing history, graphic design and the built environment.


To arrange an appointment to view or for media images, please contact thegallery via the website.



James Powditch

Fountainhead 4

mixed media

168 x 217 cm

South East Regional Arts turns 10…

Refreshed branding and a celebration of the high tenor of regional arts set the tone of South East Arts’ springboard into its second decade today.

New Chair Lindy Hume launched the updated logo and vibe (and new website) at a gathering in Bega this morning which was fuelled, fittingly, by a cappuccino van and an invigorating performance from local dance phenomenon, fLING.

It was all marvellously urbane, in a relaxed Bega kinda way (which is, of course, just the way we like it.)

The Deep Far South at Spiral…

The Gang swung past Spiral Gallery last Friday for the opening of Landscapes – Natural + Imaginary, a three man show featuring our three fave dudes from them thar hills; Myrtle Mountain, Towamba and Rocky Hall.  We refer, of course, to Trish Thompson, Kimberley Dodd and Tony Sweeting, respectively – plenty of deliverance and not a banjo in sight.

All the lovely peeps here.