Drinkies on Saturday…

27 11 2012

Opening tomorrow night…

27 11 2012


27 11 2012

Omigod – you’re not going to believe this – but we finally have a real gallery southside of the shire. And it’s FABULOUS.

Santa’s come early this year and we’re almost delirious with the wonder and joy of it.

We were fanging home from Merimbula yesterday, along the Pambula/Wyndham Rd…and there it was. Just next to the old butter>mushroom>plaster factory, in what used to be Tony’s Cellars (remember Tony?) Anyhoo, we immediately chucked a U-ey and fanged straight back.



Dirk Rampling and partner Sonia are responsible for this transformative space. Just check it out…



Megsie nearly wet herself, we kid you not. It’s the real deal (sigh of contentment) – as opposed to the usual craft shoppe model that still abounds (shudder.)



The opening exhibition features Dirk Rampling, Lorna Crane and Sam Kobasa.



Just a taster, darlings.

Congrats to Dirk and Sonia. Sterling jobbie.

It’s given us great heart. At last, eh? Softly softly catchee monkey.

Watch this space.

Ooer: an oldie but a goodie…

26 11 2012

We reserve bragging rights re the son-in-law.

Just stumbled across this Gourmet Traveller article on the net.

Yessirree, we can vouch for those gnocchi…


Annie Franklin at Narek…

26 11 2012

The Gang booted over Doctor George on Saturday for the highly anticipated opening of Annie Franklin’s new exhibition at Narek Galleries. And what a treat it was – we’re talking serious gorgeousness.



It’s been a year in the making and Annie has branched into wood – what a harmonic progression – bringing a holistic sensibility/folksie charm that’s utterly seductive.



It’s a peculiar thing, really. The woodwork is so right (as in such the perfect fit) that it’s hard to imagine her work without it now. The leitmotif has come full circle; this is an exhibition that pulls together the golden threads of all her interests. As Helen Maxwell mused in her opening speech, the body of work as a whole reflects the life and philosophic times of the artist; wholesome, rich…genuinely organic. It’s like a survey show of all that Annie holds dear.











And how extraordinarily well suited it was for its surrounds. We need to go back and properly experience the contemplative nature of the exhibition, in communion with the church itself. We didn’t linger on Saturday; the crowd was building and we had a driver waiting (ever so slightly im)patiently in the car. This is a show that deserves a long, slow viewing in splendid quietude. We’ll definitely be back.

On at Narek Galleries in Tanja until December 31st. Hits all the right buttons – don’t miss it.



Deep abiding interest…

25 11 2012

Thanks to Nige for the spot…

Dan’s gun ransomed for such a princely sum! It’s wonderful to see the Kelly Gang still holds its thrall.

Story here in artdaily.

From Jas

25 11 2012

We’re a wee bit tardy in posting this, but better late than never, no…


now showing

jas hugonnet gallery www.hugonnet.com.au

To arrange an appointment to view or for media images, please call 0417 235 916

or contact the gallery via the website.

Image: byrd , some form of meaningful engagement

Enamel and acrylic paint on a red gum shingle, titles gleaned from David Broker’s ‘FESTIVAL OF AVERAGE IDEAS ALL OUR RELATIONS:18th BIENNALE OF SYDNEY’  Broadsheet Vol. 41.3 Sept 2012., 310 x 415 x 12mm