The Public Art Files…

29 08 2014

Recently Port Adelaide was treated to a series of pop-up art events as part of the Unexpected Port: expect the unexpected program – a partnership between Renewal SA, Arts SA and the City of Port Adelaide Enfield.

The legendary Deb Jones and Danica Gacesa McLean collaborated on one of six selected projects, gladdening the hearts of passers-by with installation style photography in disused buildings/sites around the Port…


Bridge Doors & Windows copy 2


Secret Garden_33 Nile St copy 2


cherry picker


From the top: pasted inclusions under a railway bridge, secret garden, installation of banner/Shed 26.


Sarah’s Scottish Adventures…

28 08 2014




National Student Art Glass Prize 2014 winner Sarah Humphrey has arrived in Lybster for the commencement of her highland fling (masterclasses at Northlands Creative Glass funded by Wagga Wagga City Council/Wagga Art Gallery.)

Just to recap, for those of you who might have missed the excitement at the time, Sarah won NAGSP 2014 with her amazing glass cello and violin…


sarah humphrey cello sml


We’ve had a note from National Art Glass Gallery curator Michael Scarrone (one of our all-time fave blokes) that he’s once again set up a blog to enable us all to follow her progress at Northlands. Says Michael…

The National Student Art Glass Prize is a competition established to reward and promote innovation and excellence in contemporary glass within the student sector. This exciting biennial competition is an initiative of the Wagga Wagga Art Gallery. Sarah Humphrey is the winner of the 2014 National Student Art Glass Prize for her work titled ‘A Giocherellare’ – a cello and a violin, cast in glass. Sarah was awarded an all-expenses-paid trip to attend master classes at North Lands Creative Glass in Scotland, one of the world’s most renowned centres for the practice and development of art glass. Stay tuned and follow Sarah on her journey…

Keep an eye on Sarah’s creative Odyssey here. Vimeo here.

Glass spotto…

27 08 2014

Melbourne glassie Amanda Dziedzic…








We like this big time. Check out her website here.

Vadge art…

26 08 2014

Swiss performance artist Milo Moiré gets funky with eggs at Art Cologne…





In explanation the artist says it’s all about “the compressed birth of a work of art. Laboriously leaves the egg the birth canal of the artist and shatters on the screen, red colour flowing out.

“The next egg holds a different colour and thus arises gradually, accompanied only by loud ‘plops’, an abstract work – archaic, uncontrollable and intuitive. At the end of almost meditative type-birth-performance, the stained canvas is folded, smoothed and unfolded to a symmetrical mirror image of surprising colours and powerful because of universal symbolism.

“The resulting directly from the vagina image is instantly chains of thought-free – over creation fear, the symbolic power of the casual and the creative power of femininity.”

It’s all happening here

All we can say is…gosh.

[We don’t imagine we’ll be seeing it soon in Bega. n(Ed)]

Glass spotto…

25 08 2014

Seattle/Pilchuck glassie Jason Gamrath…













He’s the Beez Kneez. Website here.

The Cocktail Files…

23 08 2014

Last mango in Monaco…





Yeah, we could handle some of that Côte d’Azur action.

What’s pink and fluffy and tickles our fancy…?

23 08 2014

The lovely La Groppa has drawn our attention to the work of current international darling, Portuguese artist Joana Vasconcelos (who’s been showing at the Melbourne Art Fair with Pearl Lam Galleries)…





Check her website here.

Trés entertaining. Thanks Jacq.

Where’s Nigel…

22 08 2014



Well, tomorrow he’s in Sydders…




We love that. It’s also the last couple of days of the SNO: 106 Returning to the Field exhibition (which features more of his work.) Go here to play spot-the-lendon.


21 08 2014

Super sweet treat for this year’s Burning Man…




Catch the lowdown from The Creators Project here.

[Note to selves: put Burning Man on the bucket list. n(Ed)]

The Cocktail Files…

21 08 2014

Bellini hour…



From Sammy Jo in Monaco (as we speak, lucky bugger.)