29 10 2015

…at .M Contemporary…



More goodies here.

Workshops of the World…

26 10 2015

The brainchild of The Debster and Christine C (the gals behind CHEB), Workshops of the World is a wunderbar new website devoted to exploring workshops across the globe…


Gate 8, Adelaide.

They’ve only just got the ball rolling; submissions are welcome, so jump on board. It’s a cracker.

Check it out here.

Nicky at CMAG…

20 10 2015

Already open, but on until December 13, Nicky’s latest exhibition – Close Encounters: the Voyage of Bruni D’Entrecasteaux – is just divine.

Dickson_Calao_de_Ile_de Waygiou_after_Audebert
Nicola Dickson, Calao de lîle de Waygiou after Audebert (detail), acrylic and oil on linen
Nicky, meanwhile, has sent through some additional snaps…
Nicky 2Nicky 3Nicky Dickson_Close Encounters brochuresmall_28_8_15
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Loving it.
More details hereCatch it if you can.

CHEB roolz, okay…

14 10 2015

We’re loving CHEB’s (aka Christine Cholewa and Deb Jones) new work at the Flinders University Art Museum…


Brilliant. Check out the website here.

Nige at the Drill Hall…

14 10 2015


Fabulous (Uri Geller’s got nuthin’!) On for a good month, so no excuses!

Here’s a sneak peek to whet your appetite…

Nigel Lendon ice

Nigel Lendon, Model: Whiteout 2015, marine epoxy on plywood

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Chick and Cobi at Fehily Contemporary…

11 10 2015

By happy happenstance the Gang’s trip to Melbourne (Granny rehab) coincided with Chick and Cobi’s show, Ascent into Darkness: Culture, faith and ritual: from reverence to repulsion. (And we’re pleased to report that (conceptual aside) there was definitely none of the latter!) Great to see the jump across to the contemporary art scene – amps up the sophistication no end.

Very cool work and it’s fab to see a collaborative project from them; nothing like a bit of ying&yang to crank up the dynamism. Always, of course, with that signature deft subtlety…


Charles Butcher and Cobi Cockburn

 Charles ‘Chick’ Butcher (r) and Cobi Cockburn (l), Set 7, kiln formed glass (Chick’s with wooden frame), 1150 x 950 mm

The work was paired into 8 sets but for the purposes of close-up snaps we took them singly (apologies to Chick and Cobi for the separation.)

Cobi Cockburn

Cobi Cockburn, from Set 2, kiln formed glass

Charles Butcher

Charles ‘Chick’ Butcher, from Set 7, kiln formed glass with timber frame

Cobi Cockburn

Cobi Cockburn, from Set 4, kiln formed glass

Cobi Cockburn

Cobi Cockburn, from Set 1, kiln formed glass

Charles 'Chick' Butcher

Charles ‘Chick’ Butcher, from Set 4, kiln formed glass with timber frame

Cobi cpckburn

Cobi Cockburn, from Set 7, kiln formed glass

The artists

Cobi and Chick

The exhibition is accompanied by the poetic insights of friend and poet MG Michael, all bound together in a very schmick publication. Noice.

Chrissie came along, and loved it big time…


And we ran into Blanchie and Marcus (of course – assiduous opening attendees that they are!)…

Blanche and Marcus


Cracker exhibition, check it out in the flesh if you can. Fehily Contemporary (Collingwood), on until the 31st Oct.

Tom at the NGV…

10 10 2015

Serious treat ahoy – Tom Moore’s part of a stellar line-up in the NGV’s Lurid Beauty: Australian Surrealism and its Echoes, which kicked off yesterday.

Tom Moore

Blurb from dianne tanzer gallery here.

There are curator/artist talks, ‘surrealist games’, yadda yadda on over this weekend. Promises to be a hoot. Additional scoop here.