For the last two and a half years the Kamberra Glass Gallery in North Lyneham has presented an exhibition program that has showcased the fabulous range and vitality of the Canberra glass scene. Unfortunately Hardy’s Wines SA have recently sold the Kamberra Wine Company to a group of local developers and the glass gallery, alas, no longer exists (the exhibition program finished on a sustained high note with the wonderful Lene Lunde: New Work show, which closed late April.)


 The success of the gallery was due in no small part to the independent nature of the curatorial direction – it didn’t steer an establishment course and was consequently refreshingly vigorous – for which it received a Canberra Critic’s Circle Award in 2006. The renegade spirit which drove the program hasn’t been diminished in the slightest by the corporate horse trading – and ‘the gallery’ will still continue (albeit in a less formal format) via the ether, in this blog. The first posting will be a retrospective archival glance across the now defunct physical program, shortly followed by the inaugural virtual exhibition, featuring the intriguing work of Trish Roan.


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