There was movement at the Hideout…

30 07 2012

For those in the (what…?where…?) know…



Serious (incremental) excitement!!

proppaNOW in Bega…

23 07 2012


It will come as no surprise to anyone that the Gang is heavily into proppaNOW, the artist-activist collective from Brisbane: Richard Bell, Laurie Nilsen, Megan Cope, Gordon Hookey, Jennifer Herd, Vernon Ah Kee and Tony Albert. Nothing like a double shot of healthy irreverence and up-the-culo of the status quo, eh – and that’s just for starters. So so crucial to the integrity of all things art-farty, indigenous or otherwise.

proppaNOW was spurred into action back in the 90’s (though it also partly evolved from an earlier group, Campfire) when members of the urban collective were dismissed as inauthentic (aboriginal artists) on the grounds that they weren’t proper, desert blackfellas.  Unsurprisingly, they took umbrage. Who was whitey (let’s be frank, the art market is an entirely artificial white construct) to deny their aboriginality? [Oh the irony – in pre-millenium Queensland, of all places! n(Ed)] And who was whitey to dictate the tenor or nature of their art practice, period?

proppaNOW, consequently, now runs a no holds barred socio-political agenda, tackling all the hard issues of racial injustice with the grit and determination of a Maroons front-row pack. Or as Richard Bell would no doubt say, ‘bring it on, mother-fucker.’ Pure universal zeitgeist. We love that.



proppaNOW has landed in Bega, as the continuation of the BVRG’s annual Contemporary Indigenous program; aimed at encouraging local indigenous artists to fight hard for their right to party (…to borrow from the Beastie Boys.) Given that Aboriginal Art undeniably commands the lion’s share of the Australian art bourse and that art is the power tool in the struggle for social change, it makes far more sense to encourage local artists to find their own voice instead of submissively nobbling themselves to the stereotypical demands of the ‘ooga booga’ (to borrow a proppaNOW term) low-end tourist market. It’s all way more complex than that, of course, but a line needs to be drawn in the sand somewhere and at this point in time proppaNOW pretty much encapsulates the broader indigenous political mood.

The exhibition, proppaNOW: existence/resistance, opened at the BVRG on Friday the 13th July and runs until the 18th August. The perennially entertaining David Broker, Director of the Canberra Contemporary Art Space, performed the honours as opening speaker (seriously apt given that his association with various members of the group spans some 3 decades) and artists Richard Bell and Laurie Nilsen were on hand for both the launch and a Yarn-Up at Jigamy the following day.



This is work that gnaws at the comfort zone – and, actually, is way kinder than it could be. Clever, funny – but nonetheless a very clear admonishment. Fair enough and all, we reckon.

The show we got at Bega was (as Megan Cope’s piece subtly infers) whitewashed for local sensibilities.

More snaps here.

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proppaNOW in Melbourne…

22 07 2012

Just in from Jas…

22 07 2012

Louise Upshall

written on the body

now showing

jas hugonnet gallery

media release

This series is about reclaiming the perfect, idealised images of models in fashion magazines.Upshall creates an alternative fashion parade where the artificial manner of the subjects is contrasted with cut out sections and scratches akin to physical and emotional scars.These broken subjects with fragmented titles take on a new persona, closer to Upshall’s own experience and ideals.”The women become whole, not despite, but because of their brokenness and imperfections. They carry traces of experience written on the body.”

To arrange an appointment, to view, or for media images, please call 0417 235 916 or contact the gallery via the website.

Image: Louise Upshall

she looked enviably radiant 2012

oil on card, 26 x 19cm

Up-coming Blanche biz…

22 07 2012

Sorry it’s so hard to read – those pdf/jpeg transfers are a bugger to post.

Anyhoo, opening bevies at Gallery Funaki on the  31st July (…that’s Melbourne, for those who aren’t hip…and can’t read the big mo-fo logo!!)

Winter in Wyndham…

22 07 2012

Three dog night…


Life’s a kennel.


15 07 2012

Megsie doing her bit to promote reading in the Bega Valley…