Beyond the Garage, at last…

We thought we’d give you a break from the interminable slab-o-rama, and finally post the opening of Beyond the Garage. This is a fabulous exhibition, featuring the work of artists with disabilities from Tulgeen’s Art in the Garage Project.



It’s a highly anticipated, enthusiastically supported event that drives the community into a veritable frenzy of retail therapy; in part as a gesture of support for the program but more particularly because of the universal appeal of the work. There’s a sense of joy in the room that’s impossible to miss.

Although this year had a regrettably sad beginning when long time member of the group, Michael O’Dea, passed away unexpectedly – barely a week before the opening.  Michael will be sorely missed by community and canny collectors alike.


(You’ll have to excuse the reflections!!)


He did a fine line in Kamahl paintings – none, alas, this time around.

The rest of the exhibition is beyond splendid and visitation gratifyingly high. Congratulations to Project co-ordinator Matthew Perry and to Jen and the amazing support crew who make all of this possible.



Peter Fay opened the exhibition with customary aplomb and a thoroughly entertaining night was had by all. Go here for the highlights.

…and we’ll leave you with Megsie’s wonderful buy: Graham Henkel’s Constable Runstable […the perfect addition to a cop shop. n(Ed)]


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