Beyond the Garage, at last…

We thought we’d give you a break from the interminable slab-o-rama, and finally post the opening of Beyond the Garage. This is a fabulous exhibition, featuring the work of artists with disabilities from Tulgeen’s Art in the Garage Project.



It’s a highly anticipated, enthusiastically supported event that drives the community into a veritable frenzy of retail therapy; in part as a gesture of support for the program but more particularly because of the universal appeal of the work. There’s a sense of joy in the room that’s impossible to miss.

Although this year had a regrettably sad beginning when long time member of the group, Michael O’Dea, passed away unexpectedly – barely a week before the opening.  Michael will be sorely missed by community and canny collectors alike.


(You’ll have to excuse the reflections!!)


He did a fine line in Kamahl paintings – none, alas, this time around.

The rest of the exhibition is beyond splendid and visitation gratifyingly high. Congratulations to Project co-ordinator Matthew Perry and to Jen and the amazing support crew who make all of this possible.



Peter Fay opened the exhibition with customary aplomb and a thoroughly entertaining night was had by all. Go here for the highlights.

…and we’ll leave you with Megsie’s wonderful buy: Graham Henkel’s Constable Runstable […the perfect addition to a cop shop. n(Ed)]


Opening tonight at the Bega Valley Regional Gallery…

Excitement’s building in expectation of tonight’s opening of Beyond the Garage at the BVRG.

Peter Fay’s in town to launch it and the eftpos machine is at the ready (it’s gunna go off!!) We  had a school group through this morning and there’s already a rash of red dots spreading across the walls…and it doesn’t open until 6pm tonight!! To describe this exhibition as popular would be an understatement.

We’ll bring you all the excitements of the opening later – but meanwhile here’s a tease: Gavin Irvin’s Critter series