Ranamok 2012…

…and the winner is…



Can’t say that we were all that keen on it – way too daggy for ours (we love her cakes and flummeries on the other hand, too yummy for words.)

It was a mixed bag as per usual; plenty of woofers interspersed with some seriously good work. It was hard to go past Evelyn Dunstan’s exquisitely delicate lost wax cast (in one)piece…



…absolutely breathtaking. She won a couple of year’s ago but deserved to pick it up again we reckon.

We were prepared to be impressed with the loop weave dilibags – as in, wow, that sheila’s come a long way, in veritable leaps and bounds – until the artist fessed up that she hadn’t actually made them, only ‘designed’ them. After all, she explained, it would take 20 years to become as good a blower as Tom. Er, quite – our very point. [And actually she ought to be able to knock them over, one would think, with an undergraduate course at the ANU. Sign up, that’s our advice, if you truly think that it’s your métier. n(Ed)]

No disrespect, but we were kinda shocked. This is a competition, after all. Predicated on skill and innovative technique (…supposedly).

Here’s the rest of the field, for those who haven’t seen it. Was it worth the drive…well, the jury’s still out on that one. But we did at least catch up with some of our fave peeps…



…and scored the added bonus of swinging by the Design ed 2 exhibition at the ANU School of Art Gallery. That super sexy couch by Jon Goulder alone was worth the trip…



General mugshots, design-o-rama and the evening’s glass eye candy (or not, as the case may be!!) here.

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