Pony Express…

This last week has brought a couple of serious treats – first a visit from Hilary, who dropped in for some quality gaol time  (no snaps, too much yakking – an oversight we’ll attempt to redress at the Ranomok on Wednesday.)

And then, in the mail…



…arrived what very well might turn out to be the glass publication of the year…



…from Debster, Leader of the Free Glass World.

This sweet little booklet is an almost poetic compilation of memories/photo montage spanning the decade and a half that represents the sum of the life of one of Adelaide’s best loved indie glass studios, The Blue Pony.



What a perfect souvenir of the time and the place and the energy.

We devoured it immediately. Sooo Pony.

Never ever even faintly try-hard.



Oh how it makes one sigh for what might have been. Before love’s labour was lost in Canberra.

Before all those years of hope and vision – spent tirelessly massaging working paper after working paper through the lower duodenum of local government by the early cadre of the faithful (Lienors et al )  – were wiped out by the untimely death of Stephen and the subsequent demise of Camelot.

In contrast to the Pony, the Glassworks reads more like some phantasmogoric off-Broadway production.  Shades of Macbeth and Cuckoo’s Nest. No accommodating access studio/empathetic meeting of the minds here, more’s the pity. Just the cold bastard child of a Corning-Tecoma wannabe mentality.  The wellbeing and best interests of the majority carelessly sacrificed to the ambitions of the few.

Ah well, what can ya do?

There’s been a quiet stirring in the backwoods, we hear.

Whispers of Indie Glass Inc…

Let’s hope the plot thickens.

[Thanks Debster – we adored the book.  All class.  And it’s a timely reminder of what’s really important in the broader scheme of things. n(Ed)]

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