Nick Mount at Artisan…

27 10 2009



The Gang’s visit to Artisan coincided with Nick’s new show which was an unexpected, though happy, bonus. We haven’t got a list of works – so no titles, sorry. You’ll just have to enjoy them in a job lot.





For more goodies, go here.

Loved the Japanese fabric, Nick, and the drawn patterning.

It’s a show with great élan.  That’s what we like about Nick’s work, the verve – and that infectious sense of genuine enjoyment. As for the skill factor, hey, it goes without saying that he’s nonpareil.



One response

28 10 2009
The Iconophile

Cripes. Flaming Boyant. Or is it bouyant? Wd love to see a whole show of the Plumb Bobs…

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