Optimism, by definition…

We’ve been a little side-tracked, mes amis, but never mind. Time to give you the scoop on the Optimism opening at GoMA. One of our absolute faves was Not under my roof, 2008; the entire flooring of an old, abandoned Queensland farmhouse – an ‘investigation of the surface versus the interior narrative.’ 



Sean Cordeiro and Claire Healy, Not under my roof, 2008

This wunderbar installation, almost a Rosalie-on-steroids (though of course, that’s hardly fair – it’s so much more than that), was the first thing we saw as we entered the gallery space (or rather, it was the piece that, not surprisingly, commanded our immediate attention) and it set the tone of the show; feel-good and fabulous. Contemporary Australia: Optimism is a big, generous exhibition, both in breadth and sentiment. And what a great place GoMA is, and so refreshingly unpretentious (we’ve not been before, obviously.) It’s a Queensland thing, we figure.

Going to the morning’s media launch was way better than waiting for the evening’s bunfight. We had a proper gander at the work and unfettered photo access without all the frenetic flesh pressing and ‘look at moi, look at moi’ opening hype. All the main players were there, of course, but it was a pleasant, unflustered meeting-of-the-makers/mutual-admiration-fest kind of event. Low-key and sincere. 

The primary object of the Gang’s trip was to catch up with Timmy – a rare chance to to get into a huddle now that he lives in New Mexico. And, of course, having Tom as well was a bonus – two birdies in the hand, so to speak.


                              The incomparable Tom Moore and Timothy Horn

Anyhoo, after the obligatory speeches, the mob was treated to a comprehensive tour of the exhibition (courtesy of Julie Ewington) followed by very superior refreshments in the upstairs bar. It was all trés trés cool.  

Timmy’s Medusa is spectacular in the flesh (though we did think it was a little too tucked away)…Patricia Piccinini’s hybrid vespas are seriously adorable…Tom’s Autoganic is brilliant (his episode on the ABC arts programme must be coming up soon)…Kathy Temlin’s white fluffy Bringing it all back home is a sensory delight…the Kayili artists have given the bush mechanics a glorious make-over…it just goes on and on, darlings. We’re going to have to break it into two posts to accommodate the visuals. Try to make the trip north if you can, it’s well worth the effort – otherwise get hold of a catalogue. This is the sort of show that you just want to cuddle.


   the-boys-medusa   ritchie2

For a bit of an oggle, go here.

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