50 lashes for the fund managers, and 30 days in the brig…

Well, the water tanks are full and there’s a wee break in the weather. But we’re back to spencers and ugh boots and cosying up in front of a roaring fire (we stayed in our jarmies all day yesterday – heaven). Were we really sweating (or rather ‘glowing’) in Brisvegas last week?

Here at the hide-out we wake up to breakfastpolitics.com every morning (Nige put us on to it eons ago, and it’s the first thing we do…ok, the second thing we do, on waking). Anyhoo, we thought we’d share today’s little gem from Barry Cohen in the Australian. It’s a classic.

And check out the fabulous snaps from the Jester Ball on riotACT. We guarantee at least 6 belly laughs…[note to self: must go to Jester Ball next year.  n(Ed)]

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