Sparkies in da house…(!)

7 10 2014


George and Ian arrived this morning to start wiring up…





Onward. Ever onward.



7 responses

7 10 2014

On ya Megs! Keep at it.

7 10 2014

Hopefully it’ll be finished before we ‘re fully fledged pensioners…
How’s your building coming along?

8 10 2014
Jacqui G

Are you going the 3 phase? How exciting!

8 10 2014

Nope, just rewiring/dedicating the existing 2 phase for the kiln. Everything else will be single phase – but we both need a fair few separate power points (kiln, wax/plaster, wet area for me and whatever stations Ging needs) and then there’s Pa’s shed…
How was the Kok? I’ve been dreaming of that Rose Old Fashioned.

9 10 2014

Next to see the fun and works. Do you have this as encouragement. Lots a links to great glass, FB as well.

9 10 2014

Hey Peter, yes – plenty of mischief ahead!! Have been enjoying your graal action, btw.
Thanks for the link to the engaving mob – looks like a ripper symposium.

12 10 2014

Hi M. We have a frame, the bricks laid, a roof, windows, sliding doors. Cladding up this week hopefully. Moving steadily. Never fast enough.

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