Bring on the Archies…

Don’t we all just love the Archibald Prize – that faithful annual snapshot of the vizarts currency du temps. A kind of mapping of stylistic favour/flavour, if you like. A painterly Who magazine, even(!)

We were especially tickled that this year’s Packing Room Prize – Tim Storrier’s The Member, Dr Sir Les Colin Patterson KCB AO (below) – wouldn’t look out of place in the line up for the event’s spin-off spoofy doppelgänger, the Bald Archy




How nice to have such a tangible conjunction. Maude’s frenetically bobbing up and down as we speak.

Lordy knows which painting the Board of Trustees will opt for but, for what it’s worth, these are our faves:


Abdul Abdullah’s, I wanted to paint him as a mountain…



Heidi Yardley’s Julia deVille…



Wendy Sharpe’s Mr Ash Flanders, actor…



and Quiang Zhang’s Here

Choosing is a mug’s game of course – who knows which way arts politics are being stroked this year. But, truth be known, here at the Hideout we’re big on Richard Bell and Abdul Abdullah’s vision is a certified corker…
Pick your own favourites here.
[…just caught the whoopsie. n(Ed)]

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