Movement in the murk…

Omigod, we hear you gasp – there’s still life out in them thar hills…

What can we say? It’s been the winter of our discontent. But wethinks Foo may be just starting to peek over the parapet.

So much to catch up on and a few happenin’s missed, but we’ll cobble together a flying retrospective (…soonish!)

Meanwhile perhaps we should kick off where we left off; Stephen Skillitzi, who has just had an open studio event (which you’ve missed, alas.)


Stephen Skillitzi

Stephen Skillitzi glass

Stephen Skillitzi glass


Seems like a fitting launching point…especially given that it’s also Ranamok this Wednesday night. Puts ya right in the mood, eh?

The Gang won’t be able to make it to the gala Aussie/Noozelland studio glass  event this year, sad to say – Megsie has change-over at the BVRG, and will be hard at it hanging eX de Medici and Haeli Van Veen in Skun, which opens this coming Friday (16th Aug)…


eX de Medici packing up the photographic work destined for the BVRG

eX packing up the photographic work destined for the BVRG

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