Brizvegas round-off: with a serve of APT on the side…

Catch up and file it time. Day two in Brizvegas got off to an early start at the Fortitude Valley Pool with fellow lap-nuts The Debster and Blanchie…

…followed by a fabulous brekky down at the incredible James St Market (which, dead set, the Gang would almost be prepared to move north for) and then, after a morning of lusting after all manner of exotic comestibles (none of which we could possibly take back on the plane), it was back to artisan for a floortalk at midday.

After which we were free at last to finally take in the APT (we’d completely run out of time during the previous installation trip)…

(above) Gonkar Gyatso’s piece – those Yanks are never gunna live this down, eh.

Anyhoo, we had a lovely ramble around GOMA and then emerged just in time to join Debster and Co. aboard the City Cat. From there on in it was a matter of ‘home James and don’t spare the horsepower’; drinkies, dinner and bed.

Meanwhile, there’s a visual survey of the day here.

2 thoughts on “Brizvegas round-off: with a serve of APT on the side…

  1. Yeah – though I didn’t find it quite as innovative and exciting as I expected to. (Seems that stickers are the new rage in art!!) Especially after Optimism, which really blew me away. Hard act to follow, of course. The most exciting thing I saw in Brisvegas was actually a video/performance/installation piece by one of the installation crew at artisan (who also installs at GOMA.) He (Matt – have misplaced his card…) showed it to me on his i-phone. Am desperate to get it down to Bega – I loved it, big time. n(Ed)

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