Shed biz: done and dusted…

8 08 2009

It’s finished, and it’s very cute – in that classic sheddie kinda way…






Pa, of course, is way happy, and not only because security operative Lola is already dutifully padding the perimeter…




…but more because of this…




…he moved the Morrie and the ‘B in first thing this morning…




Megsie, meanwhile, is way happy because of this (…as in finally out of the house!…)




We’re sharing the satisfaction, darlings, and it’s a be-ewdiful thang.

(We figured we’d best mark the occasion – it ain’t gunna be cute and tidy for long…)



4 responses

9 08 2009

Shed Envy – big time!!
We want one!!!
Congratulations xxx Blanche & Marcus

9 08 2009

Thanks darlings!! Sammy’s happily moving stuff into it as we speak. Next stop Megsie’s (…well – after the re-roofing of the house, that is.)
ps. coming to Melb for a conference, will be there from Sept 2-5. Will catch up for a studio visit, eh? Or are you away?

9 08 2009

A thing of beauty. Now show us a photo of the present state inside your shed/studio-to-be

9 08 2009

Okay, but it’ll make you squeal in horror. I’ll take a snap in the morning and post it tomorrow – it’s getting a bit dark now (we’ve been moving engines and gear boxes and gawd knows what else. n(Ed)

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