Never a truer word spake…

We don’t always agree with everything John McDonald says (no? really?) but he was spot on the money in last Saturday’s Sydney Morning Herald. In an article covering the inaugural Sculpture by the Sea in Denmark, he had a swipe at the Oz Council – and what a fair take it was…


Yeah, wot he said! Especially that part about the nepotism and favouritism (never mind the mates on the peer group selection panels…)

 Not that it’s anything new – there have been mutterings to this effect for ever and a day (particularly in the last decade.) But there is something rotten in the state of Denmark (apologies to the Bard and Denmark), and the Australia Council is in want of a serious overhaul and cultural readjustment ASAP.

All the self-serving arts-politic manipulation has simply got to go. It’s nothing short of disgraceful.

It’s  a gyp, we tells ya!

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