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19 06 2008

The latest work from our fave caster, Deb Jones (Leader of the Free Glass World)…

Deb Jones, Colour Saturation


 Deb Jones, Emotional Science.

[We could turn couch potato for that, fair dinkum. n(Ed)]



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2 07 2008
Blanche Tilden

Hey Megs
Marcus and I are back after a grande tour that took in Tokyo, London and surrounds (including Stonehenge!), New York, Corning, Niagra Falls, Dallas Fort Worth (we went to Portland the looong way!) Portland, San Francisco, Sydney (well and truly over customs and baggage claim at this stage) and finally, HOME SWEET HOME!
Saw this piece of Deb’s at Bullseye Gallery – it is a knockout!
So much glass – so mant aussies at GAS – some of the locals were a bit pissed off at the Aussie invasion
Klaus’s solo at PAM was another highlight
And catching up with James with a few stiff Gin and 7 ups in Ann Hauberg’s hotel room!
Hope our paths cross soon!
xxx bt

2 07 2008

hey Blanchie

sounds great!! And, actually, am awaiting GAS photos from James as we speak. But, jesus darling, ya didn’t really ruin a good Gin with 7-up did ya? n(Ed)
ps. Hope ya got into some honeymoon action at Niagra Falls…

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