Opening at Ivy Hill…

3 02 2013

The Gang skipped across to Ivy Hill yesterday evening for the latest offering.

Lots of peeps – and so nice to see a broader crowd (a swag of Merimbula cognoscenti in the mix.)

Latest Exhibition Ivy Hill Gallery


Mark and Michelle

Karen, Megsie and Carolyn


All good. And we have to say that Carolyn does a seriously superior Sangria. Can’t remember when we last had such a good one – loved it, big time.

Next weekend at Ivy Hill…

2 05 2011

Lunch at Georgie’s

9 12 2008



The Gang attended the local Arts Network (a loose conglomerate of local arts functionaries/advisers/advocates/practitioners) Christmas lunch at Georgina’s Cucina at Wapengo last week. This is only the second such occasion that we’ve been to and it’s a very interesting cross-section of bods from arts organisations across the breadth of the shire – and, obviously, a particularly useful mechanism for disseminating news around the various cultural interest groups…


lunch andrew karen

prues-turn1 heidi (click to enlarge)


And it was lovely tucker, as you would expect…




And Georgie announced her new accommodation option – for those of you  who want to enjoy an evening of wining and dining without the anxiety of driving home afterwards…or perhaps you’re looking for a  tranquil coastal bush weekend, with gourmet food on tap…


             georgies-cucina-2  georgies-cucina-11


How fabulous…we’re already racking our brain for a suitable excuse!!