Tour de Force: the opening…

Last Thursday was the Brisvegas opening of Tour de Force: in case of emergency break glass (curated for artisan by Megsie and featuring the über stellar cast of Timothy Horn, Nicholas Folland, Deb Jones, Ian Mowbray, Jacqueline Gropp, Neil Roberts, Tom Moore and Trish Roan.) And the Gang ended up having a seriously fabbo night, thanks particularly to the support of the ever staunch and empathetic faithful.

On hand were The Debster (Leader of the Free Glass World) with the lovely Joe, Margie and Ray, accompanied by Trishie, Blanchie and La Gropp. So we had plenty of flank to watch our collective back (always a plus in unknown territory) and Shellsey, who just happened to be showing in The Crucible at the same time – what glorious synchronicity!! So it was totally happy happy joy joy. Bloody Marvellous.

Anyhoo we started off with drinkies…toddled off to the opening (where the honours were done by none other than Julie Ewington)…and then we hit a cool Spanish joint for tapas and copious cocktails. Noice.

Snaps here.

Lots and lots more g(l)oss to come…

Ranamok 2009: the winner…

Kiwi glassie Lisa Walsh took out this year’s Ranamok with her piece Across the Lines…

2009 winner

(detail below)




…which is kinda spooky because the Gang bought some depression pegs at the Rozelle market last Saturday which are the dead spit.

Lots of thanks to Luna for sending through the snaps – we figure she must know how much we enjoy the speeches at these things ‘cos most of the pics she’s sent are of…yep, you guessed it, the speeches!! Usually we sneak outside when they start, so this must be your idea of payback time, eh, Loons.

Don’t be too anxious folks – they’re not all of the speeches…



There’s the odd snap of our fave peeps (like Babs, Brenno & Soph), though not one of you and James, Luna…? Ah well.

Check out the scene here.

Late press: we’ve added the missing link – more snaps from Luna.

The ‘Construct: Sculpture in the house’ opening…


(above) Klaus and Megsie with artists Bob Georgeson, Mariana del Castillo and Alex Asch.

Last Friday night was the opening of Construct: Sculpture in the house at the Bega Regional Gallery, and what a great show [even if we do say so ourselves!! n(Ed)] This was Megsie’s first curatorial outing in the Gallery (she’d inherited an almost  fully booked 2 year program with the job – but happily there’s the odd blank for her to play with, and this is the first…) 

The exhibition is an Eden-Monaro special, featuring the work of Queanbeyan artists Mariana del Castillo and Alex Asch, and Bermagui artist and winner of the recent SEMAG show, Bob Georgeson. We’ll bring you the show proper, with the curatorial overview, shortly. But for now, sit back and enjoy a bird’s eye view of the social rounds.

More snaps here.